7 Rappers whose acting career has also been successful.

Songwriters often use their personal lives to influence their songs and rappers are no different. For example much of Eminem’s music tells loose stories about his relationship with his daughter his ex-wife, and his mother.

Like many other celebrities rappers also like to take their brand forward with their songs. Some rappers like Post Malone Diddy and Drake have gone into the liquor business.

Other rappers have decided to take their talents to the screen giving them a chance to further prove their storytelling abilities. Keep reading to find out which rappers have found great success as actors.

Ice Cube

While he initially gained fame for his controversial rap as a member of N.W.A Ice Cube is also known for his gripping comic timing.

He has starred in Fridays Barbershop Ride Along and Are We There Still Chain. He has also starred in Boys n the Hood and The Players Club.

Machine gun Kelly

Throughout the long term Machine Gun Kelly’s profession has developed in additional ways than one. He began his career as a rapper and has since moved to a pop/rock genre.

He has also ventured into acting. He has played roles in Bird Box and The Dirt. He has also starred in Big Time Adolescence and The King of Staten Island with his younger brother Pete Davidson. Most as of late he composed coordinated and featured in his film Good Morning.

Queen latifah

Queen Latifah has figured out how to turn into a famous rapper and entertainer. She was the main rapper to perform at the Super Bowl in 1997 and her most well known tunes incorporate U.N.I.T.Y and Ladies First. In the early 90s he started his acting career.

He has featured in shows like Living Single Star and The Equalizer. He has also brought his musical talent to the big screen in films like Chicago Hairspray and Joyful Noise.

Queen Latifah’s Just Right costar Common also ventured into acting after starting her career as a successful rapper. Despite recording more than fourteen studio albums.


Ludacris has been rapping since he was a little kid and has released some of the most catchy rap tracks including My Chick Bad and What’s Your Fantasy. Luda is also known for her roles in several films over the years.

He played the role of Tej Parker in the most popular film franchise Fast and Furious. The rapper has likewise featured in Hustle and Flow The Ride Crash and New Year’s Eve.

Tupac Shakur

The late rapper Tupac featured in a few movies including Juice or more the Rim. He also starred as Lucky in the poetic Justice alongside Janet Jackson.

The film’s director John Singleton originally offered the role of Ice Cube but Ice Cube thought the character was a sucker and declined. Tupac also guest-starred in an episode of A Different World which starred one of his best friends Jada Pinkett Smith.


Ice-T started out as a rapper in the 80s. However, his musical’s controversial history with law enforcement did not prevent him from playing a law enforcement officer on the popular series Law & Order Special Victims Unit. Beginning around 2000 he plays filled the role of darling Sergeant Odafin Fin Tutuala.

Method Man

Technique Man initially rose to popularity as an individual from the Wu-Tang Clan. He has also had a lot of success over the years as an actor.

He has starred in the films Red Tails How High Soul Plain and Keanu. He has likewise featured in shows, for example, The Wire Power Book II: Ghost and Godfather of Harlem.

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