A 68-year-old man arrested for murder shot his wife sleeping on the couch with a crossbow.

The man allegedly shot the wife with a crossbow while she was sleeping on the couch.

A 68-year-old man has been arrested on charges of attempt to murder after he allegedly shot his wife with a crossbow while she was sleeping on a couch in their home.

The incident occurred around 1:13 a.m. Wednesday when officials in Otumawa Iowa responded to a report that a woman had been shot at a town residence about 90 miles southeast of the state capital, Des Moines. Is.

According to a press release published by the Otumawa Police Department, the victim, later identified as 68-year-old Lillian Dennison, was allegedly on the couch when her husband came up to her with a crossbow and shot her.

Officials say Dennison was taken to a local area hospital and treated for minor injuries sustained in the attack. He was later released and is expected to survive.

According to police, her husband managed to escape from the crime scene after he allegedly shot her but was traced after about nine hours.

Later that morning around 10:00 Otumawa Police Department and Wapello County Sheriff’s Department officers arrested George Edward Dennison, age 68, at Otumawa Police near the wooded area around Evergreen and Mabel.

George Dennison was arrested and taken into custody and charged with domestic abuse as well as attempted murder. Officials did not disclose any possible motive in the case.

He is now being held in Wapello County Jail with a $50,000 cash-only bond on these charges, but it is unclear when he will appear in court.

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