After #RIPJimmyFallon trends on Twitter Elon Musk responds to the TV host with jokes

Late night host Jimmy Fallon is taking issue with Elon Musk’s Twitter just weeks after the Tesla founder took over the social media platform #RIPJimmyFallon began sharing the post with Twitter users Tuesday night and the comedian faked death Fans related to the hashtag and Fallon himself was not happy about the one Saturday Night Live alum who is still alive.

Elon can you please fix this #RIPjimmy Fallon he tweeted on Tuesday According to a notice that was previously displayed alongside Fallon’s tweet A user took advantage of Elon Musk’s product change Someone officially allowed $8 Refused to create a verified account for the same account FallonTonight handles.

Fallon asked Musk for help but didn’t tag him and didn’t receive a response until Wednesday. Instead of offering an immediate solution, the SpaceX founder responded to Fallon with a witty response, his first tweet early Wednesday. Wait how do we know you are a foreign body pretending to be Jimmy Musk Are you pretending wrote another reply on Wednesday afternoon.

Fallon has yet to respond to Musk over Twitter fact-checking and verification issues amid the comedian’s ongoing Twitter crisis that has worsened since Musk’s acquisition in late October.

In one of his first steps, Musk introduced a modified Twitter Blue. A new subscription plan where users pay $8 per month to become a verified account. As a result, some users started impersonating official accounts, which resulted in negative reviews for some companies the results came out.

The new avatar of Twitter Blue, on the other hand, has already seen verified users including singer Doja Cat complaining about not being able to change their username after the functionality was temporarily frozen.

Until last week, Sleep Musician jokingly updated the name of his repertoire to Christmas but when he tried to change it to something else he ran into trouble and turned to Musk for help. I’m Not Christmas Forever Want to be please help I made a mistake tweeting @ElonMusk.

You should be able to change your name now Musk tweeted days after the Grammy winner denounced the new era of Twitter Musk inspired some celebrities to reconsider their relationship with the social media platform.

Some, including Shonda Rhimes and Toni Braxton, announced they were dating conservative actor Kevin Sorbo and comedian Terrence K broke Twitter while others like Williams said they were sticking around.

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