After Ruining Twitter 1.0 Musk Announces Race to Build “Twitter 2.0”

After sacking Twitter employees, resigning some of the most important people and sacking a few more employees if they tweeted something he didn’t like, Elon Musk is now making the final selection for those who will be leaving for a long time not ready to work up to high intensity.

On Wednesday morning, Musk sent an email to Twitter employees offering an ultimatum. Going forward, building a successful Twitter 2.0 and succeeding in an increasingly competitive world will require us to be extremely dogmatic. Only exceptional performance will grade will constitute.

Musk wrote that anyone who doesn’t show interest by 5 p.m. ET will be part of the new Twitter. Three months’ severance pay will be received on Thursday indicating the employee’s willingness to remain although there is no indication that their wish for continued employment will be respected.

The great letter will make up the majority of our team and will have the greatest sway. Apparently Twitter 2.0 will be more engineering driven, Musk wrote the letter follows a steady stream of chaos from inside Twitter.

According to the New York Times, Musk has instructed his team to make a list of people who are mocking staff members by tweeting them and getting angry through Slack, in this sequence many employees have been sacked. How others were fired after only claiming that Musk’s technical understanding of how Twitter works was wrong.

Key employees, including Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Support Officer, along with individual engineers responsible for Federal Trade Commission affiliations resigned Client advertising addresses including Apple and McDonald’s have suspended campaigns Growing list of advertisers hired from the company have joined.

Amidst all this, Musk, the adult in charge of the $44 billion company, has made good use of his time, previously engaging in vicious replies to the transphobic and receptive account Libs of TikTok, to poke fun and troll Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey. , who told Musk that both his companies were under FTC and NHTSA investigation.

Marque Media also serves on Senate subcommittees focused on consumer protection and data security. And all of this is just a taste of how Twitter 1.0 went under Musk we can only dream of what Twitter 2.0 will achieve.

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