Alan Weiselberg a top Trump executive blamed the tax plan.

One of Donald J. Trump’s most trusted officials stood before a judge Thursday and pleaded guilty to 15 felony counts by admitting he paid taxes on grand alimony to execute a plan with Trump’s company.

As part of a plea deal with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office Executive Alan H. Weiselberg is required to testify at the company’s trial if prosecutors choose to call him and acknowledge his role in the conspiracy with Mr. Trump’s company.

Complete tax planning. This testimony could lower the scales against the company Trump Organization as it prepares for an October trial related to the same charges.

Mr Weiselberg said repeatedly in response to detailed questions from Judge Juan Merchan who asked whether he and the Trump Organization had committed criminal conduct under sec 15-15.

Under the terms of the plea deal, Mr Weiselberg is expected to receive a prison sentence of five months and is likely to serve about 100 days over time for good behaviour. Mr Weiselberg, who faces up to 15 years in prison will also have to pay about $2 million in taxes.

The plea deal does not require Mr Weiselberg to cooperate with Mr Trump’s district attorney in a comprehensive criminal investigation and his admission would not involve the former president.

His willingness to accept jail time rather than turn on Mr Trump underscores the extent of his loyalty to a family he has served for nearly half a century and is a great reason to accuse Mr Trump. have make.

Mr Weiselberg was accused last year of participating in Mr Trump’s family business and a scheme that compensated some employees with special off-the-book perks and benefits.

Weiselberg a prosecutor for the Manhattan District Attorney’s office avoided paying taxes on $1.76 million of his income over the past 15 years.

Mr Weiselberg faced intense pressure from prosecutors who refused to cooperate against Mr Trump. He saw Mr. Weiselberg as the ideal ally in his extensive investigation focused on the former president and his business practices.

He entered the Trump classroom in the early 1970s as Mr. Trump’s father and a junior bookkeeper for the Trump Organization . I climbed the ranks. In the decades that followed, it developed an encyclopedic knowledge of its finances.

Despite not securing Mr. Weiselberg’s cooperation, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin L. Bragg can still win with the deal. Prosecutors can now point to Weiselberg’s confession that he conspired with the Trump Organization — damaging evidence against the company when they face off against the Trump Organization at trial.

And Mr. Weiselberg, the accountant who played a key role as the company’s financial gatekeeper will be blamed. His plea comes as several other investigations revolve around the former president relating to his attempts to reverse the 2020 election and his handling of sensitive documents after leaving the White House.

Last week FBI agents searched his Florida home in a surprise move that underscores the extent of Trump’s legal threat. Mr Trump is also the subject of a civil investigation conducted by New York State Attorney General Letitia James.

That investigation focused on whether Mr Trump fraudulently inflated the value of his hotels, golf clubs and other properties in order to obtain loans. Last week Ms. James interviewed Mr. Trump under oath, and the former president invoked his Fifth Amendment against self-blame more than 440 times.

Ms. James, whose office also worked on the criminal case against Mr. Weiselberg, must now decide whether to file a lawsuit against the former president. The charges for which Mr. Weiselberg will plead Thursday stem from a year-long criminal investigation conducted by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.

The criminal investigation, like the civil investigation of Ms. James, focused on Mr. Trump’s financial statements and the way he represented the value of his assets.

The investigation that began in 2018, began and stopped when Trump in office fought against the release of his tax returns and other records twice in the U.S. In this the number reached the Supreme Court.

While prosecutors await the court’s final decision they began investigating Mr. Weiselberg and the Trump Organization for allowances, including an apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side and a Mercedes-Benz leased to his grandson. Private school tuition is included.

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