Alyssa Milano claimed Elon Musk purchased the social platform ‘to destroy it’

Actress Alyssa Milano said during The View that she will stay on Twitter because she doesn’t want to leave that field. Co-host Sunny Hostin asked Milano about Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter and whether celebrities stay on the social media platform. We can’t cede that territory. That’s the kind of war I see in it,” she said Co-host Whoopi Goldberg disagreed, saying she doesn’t.

Goldberg claimed that the platform was not meant to be better if we are not representing our side of the political discourse so aren’t we just saying you can push back Twitter Milano Goldberg responded and said that There is currently no way to regain control of the platform.

I would tell you to stay away from some things until you get the control you need, there is no way to control it right now. And so find those that you can get through and fix and then come back and do that race, the co-host said.

Goldberg declared toward the beginning of November that she would leave Twitter after Musk obtained the stage. Earlier in the segment Milano said about Musk when he was accused of sexual misconduct and paid this guy $250,000 I decided I was a hypocrite who bought that car so I couldn’t stand it Could do that’s why it happened.

I am so angry with all of these billionaires with few exceptions but especially Elon Musk like you buy Twitter for $40 billion to destroy, well, $40 billion Elon Musk imagine if he had donated that money For UNICEF, it would have changed the world.

Milano announced on Saturday that she got rid of her Tesla and bought a Volkswagen electric vehicle I gave my Tesla back Milano wrote on Twitter I bought a VW EV I love it I’m not sure on Twitter How can an advertiser’s location be a publicly traded company? Aligning products with hate and white supremacy doesn’t sound like a winning business model.

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