Alyssa Milano Claims To Scrap Her Tesla Over ‘Hatred White Supremacy’ And Even Elon Musk Is Laughing At Her New Car

Former actress and professional Twitter user Alyssa Milano never met a quality she didn’t mention. So disappointing for a few of us who found young ladies and pubescence during the ’80s. Milano has truly gotten ugly. Indeed, even his furious entertainer co-star gets down on him. Presently she is showing her decency to Elon Musk. The previous entertainer isn’t leaving Twitter.

She is giving back her Tesla as she once indicated her qualms about Tesla and Elon Musk. It was 2016 when Elon Musk bought Twitter and said free speech is cool. 99% of the time, issue by issue, I’ll bet Elon still agrees with Milano politically. But he doesn’t agree 100%. “Hate” and “white supremacy” are vaguely progressive talk distributed by black money groups.

Milano recites her lines and says she’s giving up her Tesla and buying a Volkswagen to stand up against hate and white supremacy. Alyssa Milano claims Elon Musk upholds disdain and racial domination in purchasing Twitter. She offers it to Tesla, one more organization claimed by Musk. Milano utilized the cash to purchase Volkswagen, which was really an organization established on disdain and racial oppression.

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