Alyssa Milano’s Temper Tantrum Over Elon Musk Has Cost Her $13 Million…So Far

Alyssa Milano’s rage at Elon Musk cost her $13 million, now she can’t get away with it Ruined life. He traded in his Tesla for a Volkswagen which didn’t turn out well then challenged the most powerful man in the world to a battle of wits.

According to our sources she lost and by and large this ordeal has now cost the actress turned activist over $13 million or about $3 million more than her net worth. He lost his “Who’s the Boss” reboot on NBC and was fired from his consulting job with UNICEF. What else could go wrong?

We asked for some answers as to why she would make such a move but did not revert. Her agent Joe Barron says she would not differentiate the “sarcasm” with a comment. Barron said, “Ms. Milano appreciates that Flagg has a crush on her but sounds like she needs to get over it.”

This reporter had no choice but to agree that she is indeed hot AF, but there’s no truth to that “revolting with a hangover” quip. Flagg is a proud Tea Party member and has over 31 hours of sobriety. He is considering filing a defamation suit.

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