Apple AirTag has arrested an airline subcontractor for stealing $15000 worth of baggage at a Florida airport.

AirTag arrested an airline employee for stealing at least $15,000 worth of items from baggage.

The Okalusa County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release last week that 19-year-old Giovanni De Luca was charged with two mass thefts after officers recovered stolen items from his home.

Officials said a passenger had reported in July that his luggage had not reached its destination. The inside cost about $1,600.

She said an Apple AirTag a tracking device that triggers alerts on iPhones iPads and Apple computers was in her luggage and showed it was on Kathy Court in Mary Esther about 50 miles east of Pensacola.

On August 9 another passenger reported that jewelry and other items worth more than $15,000 were taken from his luggage.

Both suspected thefts were cross-referenced to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport staff who lived near Cathy Court and found De Luca at his home. He was arrested on 10 August.

According to the Okalosa County Sheriff’s Office the items reported missing on August 9 were recovered and De Luca admitted to rummaging through someone else’s belongings and removing the Apple Airtag.

It is unclear which airline De Luca has subcontracted for and if he has a lawyer.

Airtags have proved to be helpful for travelers this year as airlines are short of staff change flights and the chances of luggage being lost are high. According to the transport department till May 237,828 bags of luggage have been reported missing compared to 132,071 bags missing during the same period last year.

The Apple product has been criticized for making it easier for people to steal and track cars by chasing others and applying airtags to an unsuspecting victim.

Apple said AirTag is designed to discourage unwanted tracking.

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