Apple Makes a Big New Move With Elon Musk’s Twitter

Apple has taken a big new action regarding Elon Musk’s Twitter Musk’s ‘Everything’ app concept is really coming to fruition.

Ever since Elon Musk bought Twitter last year, he has been devoted to two things: discussion and the right to speak freely about growth. There have been endless discussions about him, and during his tenure as the chairman and owner of the platform, Twitter has made a lot of updates.

In fact, it appears Musk is committed to fighting social platforms with longer structures like YouTube, which recently allowed users to upload recordings of up to two hours long.

Combine these more drawn-out video awards with some exclusive shows on Twitter, most notably ex-Fox News ex-exhaust Carlson with his show “Exhaust on Twitter”. Tracking the progress, Apple TV+ is embracing Musk’s changes all the way.

Just days before the finale of “Storehouse,” a sci-fi show on Apple TV+, the platform shared the full first episode via its actual Twitter account. The post has been viewed more than 37 million times, with Musk himself retweeting it, calling it an “extraordinary move by Apple,” which you can airplay from your iPhone to a television to watch on the big screen.

Twitter users applauded the move, with MrBeast – a well-known YouTuber – considering the choice a “smart move”. He said, I could never know about this show and at the moment I am watching the first episode and contributing.

AppleTV+, the brains behind the smashing success of “Ted Rope,” is more modestly supported than its rivals. The stage is assessed to have around 25 million endorsers, contrasted with Netflix’s 250 million and HBO’s assessed 96 million.

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