Audio shows Liz Cheney congratulating her Wyoming primary opponent who said she only left a 2-second voicemail’ and didn’t concede

Liz Cheney’s primary opponent told Fox News that she only got two seconds of the message without any concessions.

A Politico reporter shared audio of Cheney congratulating Harriet Heisman. The reporter said Hejman’s team sent a message they received that seemed small.

Audio shows Representative Liz Cheney calling her Wyoming primary rival Harriet Heageman to congratulate her on her victory when Heijman said that Cheney only left a two-second message that did not include a concession.

Cheney can be heard calling Howdy Harriet Liz Cheney. The 16th is Tuesday at around 8:13.

On Wednesday night before Beavers shared the audio Heijman told Fox News Hannity that Cheney had only left him a two-second message and that Cheney had not accepted the election.

Host Sean Hannity mentioned that Cheney said in his concession speech on Tuesday that he called Hejman but Hannity said I didn’t hear the sentence saying that he congratulated you and wished you well.

Heijman replied that there was no phone call. As I was walking in and getting ready to do my acceptance speech last night and the clock came for the party he called and left a very brief two second message on my cellphone.

I had no other contact with Liz Cheney she only made one attempt and she only said hello Harriet and then it was over.

So he didn’t call me and didn’t check any concessions or anything it was just a call. I was obviously very busy with loved ones. Hannity then asked if she just said Hello Harriet and then hung up.

Beaver tweeted that it only shows voicemail audio received by Howdy Harriet. There was longer time in voicemail but that’s all audio that got through to Heijman.

Representatives for Heijman and Cheney did not immediately respond to an insider’s request for comment. Hejman backed by former President Donald Trump had backed Trump’s baseless election-fraud claims.

Cheney fought hard against him and voted for impeachment over the Capitol riot and joined the House committee investigating the rebellion’s moves which set him apart from the rest of the GOP in Congress.

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