Best zombie game rank.

Zombies and PC games are an ideal pair. The hordes of undead running towards the player can create some thrilling scare adrenaline-pumping action and multiple optimal targets to hit.

Their gentle goofy nature also allows for ideal enemy AI in regards to their ease of development and creepy nature.

Dead Road to Canada

Combine the structure and rules of the Oregon Trail and mash it up with a pixelated zombie frat fest and the result could be this romp from Rocketcat Games.

Players take on the role of a survivor trying to escape from Canada set in a zombie-infested America. But first they must try to survive the absurd waves of chasing 16-bit zombies.

In this gripping survival roguelike tag-team game up to four players can participate in a variety of tasks and help each other in the process with their unique skills.

Dead Road to Canada is one pieceĀ  in the best possible way. Players must not only avoid the violent undead but also watch their mood levels.

Plants vs Zombies

More lively and cheerful than most zombie-themed games, this romp of PopCap games is nonetheless intense and a blast to play. Plants vs. Zombies became an early mobile sensation after its 2009 release with intuitive touch controls and addictive tower defense gameplay that is accessible and enjoyable.

The game has players controlling various plant units that they place on their grid-like lawns to fend off increasingly tough zombie hordes. Situations and scenarios are different.

Zombies ate my neighbors

Zombie games don’t need to be decorated with modern graphical glitz to be fun or frightening as proven by Plants vs. Zombies and Zombies in this hidden gem from Konami My Neighbors.

This wacky action shooter is not only one of the best zombie games but also probably one of the most exciting co-op experiences of the 16 bit generation.

The game is as engaging as its title indicates. The mission is to scramble through various neighborhood dungeons and other scary settings. Young heroes possess small arms such as Uzi water guns and weed-wackers in an effort to rescue unsuspecting neighbors.

House of the dead

Despite being decades old, this Sega rail-shooter hardly matches the genre when it comes to both zombie and lightgun games. House of the Dead originally an arcade favorit, made its way to consoles and thanks to the help of its Lightgun peripheral proved to be just as fun as a couch co-op romp.

Players will blast their way through corridors and outlying spaces while closely chasing down undead and tough bosses while fighting for high scores.

Dead Rising

Resident Evil was founded by Capcom who knows how to craft an undead classic. But instead of using eerie desolate environments and jumpscaresĀ  Dead Rising relies on an almost comical amount of undead bombing the player for a source of thrill and chills.

And while the sequels bring new features like adding zany new items to the vast weapon arsenal this success has hardly been matched in appeal.

Resident Evil 2

This venerable remake of the iconic Resident Evil blends the modern shine solidly with the gritty intense gameplay and puzzles of the series roots.

Players will be constantly on edge as they explore a desolate police station and other cold spots, often clinging to little ammo and few weapons.

Someone always needs a few more herbs or many more bullets as they traverse covered corridors with the hope that a predatory zombie won’t leap from a dark corner.

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