Billionaire Mark Cuban Challenges Elon Musk

The star of the hit TV show “Shark Tank” has been closely monitoring the changes on Twitter by the Tesla CEO. Mark Cuban and Elon Musk are two of the most well known tycoons. Their outcome in business has made them stars, revered by numerous business visionaries and financial backers who desire to duplicate their separate recipes for progress.

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA franchise, is disrupting the pharmaceutical industry with Cost Plus Drug, the only company that bears his name among more than a dozen companies he founded.

Musk for its part, has changed the way consumers view automobiles. Considered one of the most polluting industries a decade ago, the automotive sector is today one of the ways to reduce CO2 emissions with the development by almost every carmaker of electric or hybrid models. The architect of this revolution is Musk, who for many years emphasized with his company Tesla Get Free Report that the future belongs to electric vehicles.

The two billionaires, who are both also crypto evangelists, are used to being in the limelight. Cuban became one of the stars of the hit show “Shark Tank,” assisting business people with meeting financial backers. Musk has been dominating the posters in professional circles for the past several months. He is everywhere. The CEOs of aerospace companies Tesla and SpaceX have become global bosses like the CEOs of everything else.

His influence grew even more after Twitter was acquired on October 27 for $44 billion. This has made them the subject of many conversations as the Forum is considered the town square of our times. This special place occupied by Twitter in the collective imagery also comes with responsibilities, especially for which posts are acceptable on the platform.

Pre-Musk Twitter had safeguards against hate speech, racist and anti-Semitic messages, as well as misinformation. The question was what would a billionaire who calls himself the autocrat of free speech do. Like millions of people and many advertisers, Cuban, who does not hide his admiration for Musk, closely follows the development of the content management policy envisaged by Musk.

Advertisers withheld their ads over concerns over the policy, while advocating that there should be no limits on free speech. The biggest challenge is making Twitter users feel safe,” Musk commented on Cuba on November 20, a day after former President Donald Trump’s Twitter account was restored.

Make sure tweets that hurt people don’t take any action from the platform. I think this is the element that @elonmusk is missing, that current AI cannot defend against. He said that: Like all entrepreneurs, the vision is rarely where you end up when you start. It is a learning, iterative process. It’s only been a few weeks. @elonmusk is smart and has been here before.

I sincerely hope they figure it out and the platform will be secure and sustainable. Days after this constructive criticism, Musk declared war on the Apple Get Free report, which he accused of enforcing free speech, as the iPhone maker allegedly refused to distribute the Twitter app through the AppStore.

Musk’s statement about the threats from Apple came after the billionaire reactivated former President Donald Trump’s account, accounts known for anti-transgender rhetoric and apologized for all banned accounts in the name of free speech. The announcement was made, revealing that the platform was in danger. Turning into a “hellscape” scaring advertisers into a major financial risk for Twitter.

A revolution against online censorship in America, the billionaire said on November 28 while commenting on Apple CEO Cook’s meme. Without going so far as to criticize Musk for accusing Apple of regulating free speech because the company could no longer distribute Twitter Cuban, for example, called out Musk.

He asked to make public the freedom of expression on Twitter in the name of transparency. Because in the current situation the techno king is the only person who has a clear vision of what counts as free speech or not. The final policy is at his discretion and no one has the power to dispute the idea of ​​Musk Cuban.

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  1. The nebulous “safe” is the problem. No one can objectively define what that means. On one end, clearly personal threats of violence are out of bounds and may be actionable. But whether or not something that “triggers” another should be allowed is quite subjective.I will always come down on the side of accepting “objectionable speech”.

  2. I think that Elon is way ahead in his thinking in comparison to Apple and gòogle
    He knows and have a good idea of why he closed the Twitter deal and that’s whT he is doing moving forward with or without nay sayers

  3. Without first amendment rights we do not have a democracy and the public is kept in the dark by politicians and others in power. Big Tech giants have gotten into bed with government. This has become a “one hand washes the other” arrangement. The biggest risk to our freedoms are big techs working in unison with big government to limit what we the public can know or what we can say. Covid is the perfect example. The vaccines did not work and they did not prevent passing the virus from person to person. Both Biden and Fauci contracted the virus after being vaccinated and boosted. The truth is, you cannot vaccinate against a retro virus because they produce variants. Each new variant created requires a new vaccine. Yet when these truths were posted by me and other scientists… was considered misinformation. The same is true for Climate Change. There is never anything settled in science so we must always allow for freedom of research and opinion and new ideas as a result of that research to be made public. We had better defend our rights to speak what we think and know or lose our country. No one owns the truth, least of all government. And because of this simple truth, everyone has a right to be heard.

  4. Hello my friends,
    Oh, what a write up! Elon Musk’s brain is like a computer; you need many computers to tame him. His chip implanted technology will not only revolutionize the computer, but will show many new inventions in the process. Hats off to Elon Musk Sir for thinking out of the box. What a man has Lord Jesus Christ given us. We need many Musks born in the Cosmos; then the free speech will be real.


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