Black People why defend a White Racist.

Let’s go into detail sometimes it’s important to ask ourselves why we would defend a white man who has clearly proven himself to be a racist.

It may sound like an absurd question but there are times white people show themselves in the worst possible way. There are some black people who will try to defend stupidity.

Questionable defenses come in forms like they didn’t mean why we should make it all about race. It’s not about black and white. We must heed the fact that we are Americans and we need to unite.

Black community about what is happening or what is happening. Instead of just calling the black person a Coon or Uncle Tom, which is now being heavily used and abused maybe it’s time to raise the question and have a real conversation about why this happens.

This is important because this defense creates further division within the black community and it makes some racist whites feel like they have an advocate of our rank.

It could be said that some of the source of this defense is the fear of losing the reputation they feel they have. What they don’t realize is that living and defending among racist whites will not bring them acceptance.

Blacks are no exception with these types of people. Also why would you want to be an exception when it is said that white people talk to you, and everything that defines who you are.

There is no need to be afraid of any kind of reputation loss because it doesn’t exist. When you defend white racists not only are you selling who you are, but they will make a fool of you every time you defend them.

Why would a black person support Trump? Clearly the man is a racist and there is nothing to be gained by defending him from black people at large because we know he doesn’t see us as real citizens.

It’s a shame too. Some of us are actually ashamed of being black and see it as a curse or a bullseye on our backs. In that place they defend what they believe in that will take away their shame.

The problem is that a racist white person hates you for something you had no hand in and that you can’t change. The way you were born hasn’t changed, and there’s no shame in being black.

A racist white person will never take away your shame, because that shame nurtures their superiority. It may be time to tackle the self-image generated by living in a racist society rather than defending those who support your oppression.

In the end perhaps those who defend racism simply believe that they do not engage in commentary because they are clearly better than the rest of us ordinary Negroes.

This is where they are tragically wrong. They are not better than us, they are less. In his condescending state of mind, he has taken sides against his loved ones in a way that would betray him.

They deny the reality of race relations in this country when they are educated and have seen the truth of the matter for themselves. Justice Clarence Thomas has read the law books and he understands them.

He consciously chooses the stance he takes. They are not due to ignorance that he fully understands what he is doing. He’s better than the rest of us so he can think.

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