Body identified as Tennessee teacher abducted while jogging suspect charged with murder.

Police said Tuesday morning that after several days of searching, the body of a Tennessee teacher who was kidnapped while jogging was found on Monday.

Memphis Police announced that a body found in South Memphis has been identified as that of Eliza “Liza” Fletcher, a 34-year-old woman who police say was abducted on Friday.

The identification followed the arrest of 38-year-old Cliotha Ebston, who was charged with a particularly serious kidnapping in connection with Fletcher’s disappearance. The Memphis Police Department announced Tuesday that Abston faces additional charges of first-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter in the offense of kidnapping.

Police from the Memphis Police Department said Sunday’s arrest linked him to DNA found on a pair of Champion Brand slides found in the street.

What’s new in the case?

Police announced Monday that they had found a body near the area where Fletcher went missing. Police announced on Tuesday that the body had been identified as that of Fletcher. Officials discovered the body around 5 pm. In a residential area about five miles from the campus of the University of Memphis, where Fletcher was taken.

Who is Eliza Fletcher?

Fletcher’s hijacking last week set off a monstrous hunt including nearby, state and government authorities. Fletcher was the mother of two youngsters and an educator at St. Mary’s Episcopal School in Memphis. She was likewise the granddaughter of the late Joseph Orgil III, a prominent giver who aided run the family-possessed Memphis-based equipment supply firm Orgill Inc.

When did Fletcher disappear?

On Friday, the woman’s husband, Richard Fletcher, informed police that his wife had not returned from the race until 7 a.m., and a man on the bike, who was following the same route as Fletcher, was called Eliza. Police reviewed surveillance footage from the nearby Earthquake Research and Information Center on the University of Memphis campus and said video showed a black GMC walking through the area and then waiting for Fletcher to escape.

Who is Cleotha Ebston?

The slides were sent to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for DNA testing, which was later found in a national DNA database to match Abston’s previous conviction.

Abston was let out of jail in November 2020 subsequent to carrying out a two-decade punishment for seizing.
Police said detectives began looking into what Abston was doing a few days later and found footage of him wearing the same slide at a Memphis cinema Thursday after Fletcher went missing.

During investigation, the police also found that there was a woman registered in the area, whose name is not being taken as she has not been charged with the crime.

Police scrutinized the proprietor of Her Majesty’s cleaning administration, where Abston worked, and confirmed that he ran the region and furthermore gave his cellphone number to examiners. That number was utilized to figure out where Abston was at the hour of Fletcher’s snatching, affirming that he was nearby at that point.

What were the reasons for Abston’s arrest?

On Saturday, US marshals found the vehicle left at the location recorded in Thursday’s occurrence report. As well as verifying the car from the license plate, surveillance footage also showed “noticeable damage” to the car’s rear passenger-side taillight that was also visible to Marshall in the apartment complex.

When law enforcement officers tried to arrest Abston, who was in the area at the time, they said he attempted to flee but was taken into custody.

One more lady talked with by police said that she had seen Ebston outside her sibling Mario Ebston’s home. She told investigators that Cleothia Ebston did not live there, but that Cleothia Ebston cleaned the interior of the GMC area with floor cleaner and said she was behaving strangely.

Mario Ebston was additionally captured on Sunday on irrelevant medication charges, however has not been accused in association of Fletcher’s vanishing.

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