BOMBSHELL: Elon Musk Just Dropped A Massive Tesla

Elon Musk dropped a giant Tesla you basically have software margins and a hardware product driving the total addressable market, everyone has an obvious way to make a vehicle small enough to be about half the production cost. And our difficulty is the Model 3 Elon Musk says a few things that you probably should pay attention to, at least if you own Tesla stock or you’re a legacy automotive maker or electric vehicle maker.

Tesla noted during a presentation that basically the whole world, at least most of him in the finance media, most Wall Street analysts, and many retail investors didn’t choose which side of the common man didn’t know what it was. But they either invent meaning where there is none or create meaning where some Tesla had an entire master plan based on real numbers from physics.

Tesla did the math and it’s very important to understand that they figured out how much total battery storage would be needed, how many total vehicles in solar sometimes to give you a clear indication Tesla is thinking the entire planet could be powered by sustainable energy production What would have to be done to convert it into storage and supply and supply is directly on their target. Which cannot be said for any other company. What may discourage legacy automotive manufacturers in particular, despite their claims.

There are plans that you hear from a very capable legislative lobbying company that is led by bigwigs. The world’s automotive CEO Mary B.S. Big-brained engineers go down to the atom and work their way up from there to do what’s needed. Meanwhile, the GM goes into a room with a bunch of MBAs and marketing experts and does the math and calculations. By tomorrow we will have 42,000 different electric vehicle models.

We will definitely overtake Tesla by 2025 we offer more predictable models and variations on the amazing Altium platform and less thinking and calculating ok there was a lot of time to do that but I think the overall message is that we moving towards a totally sustainable energy economy we’re going to have to evolve we have to be totally sustainable lithium-ion batteries use solar wind as well as geothermal nuclear and other things but the main Formally it’ll be solar and wind and lithium-ion batteries and for that you’d need about 240 terawatt hours of lithium-ion batteries for our calculations.

Most of which will be the Iron Phosphate variety with the cathode being Lithium Phosphate and the other being mainly Ron which is actually a plant material, the number one element on earth actually iron is a bit realistic I think the mass of the earth is about 32 iron is and about 30 percent is oxygen weather and then everything else is miscellaneous so we’re a mighty war ball a lot of iron basically the ingredients needed to make uh 200 batteries are abundant on earth for 40 terawatt hours us the amazon or nothing we don’t need basically nothing travels the environment uh 240 terawatt hour batteries would need less mining to make it truly sustainable energy.

It was a message of hope and optimism in physical reality, which is really needed at present. The people who understand physics here are the ones who also understand physics. You know what Elon was studying at the university before leaving physics. Were and people who understand physics here understand physics who are talking about plans derived from physics understand this is not wishful thinking but they understand.

These people who understand physics have expanded their understanding of physics used to figure out how atoms go down and up what do we need how many batteries how many solar physics based calculations people don’t understand physics beautiful computers of a new vehicle look at the rendering that is coming soon and think how is it that tesla is going to look at a computer rendering of a vehicle now there are some people who don’t understand physics those who understand tesla understand physics and so maybe that what they’re saying actually makes sense.

But these calculations by Elon, as explained in Tesla’s Master Plan Part 3 PH, are based on physical reality data, they have determined exactly what is needed to convert the entire world to sustainable energy production storage, and those Supply those currently thinking they are not allergic may think so if Tesla says so. How much is needed and they have done the math.

Tesla plans to personally care, how many batteries will Tesla make, how much solar power will Tesla generate, how many of those vehicles are now in doubt. Argue that Tesla may have made up these numbers, that its calculations may be wrong. how can we possibly trust them the answer is really you don’t need to don’t trust them don’t trust them try to debunk what they said do your physics based calculations and see if you can figure it out What to do with it can require some thought and can be painful.

Engage your brain however it is possible how well these claims can be verified but going back to what others have done, it might not be a useful starting point to look at some other calculations Is. also have brains and did the calculations and see what they think versus what tesla thinks and where can you find those kind of calculations funnily enough reconsideration x has done some extensive and I mean really extensive hundreds and There are hundreds of pages of research and calculations take a look at his research on the same topic.

Tesla is trying to sell electric vehicles. They’re talking about sustainable energy production. Storage and supply to the entire planet. As I’ve mentioned sometimes, you need to point out the obvious spinning Tesla’s mission. On day one they are not trying to make some vehicle or sell some solar or some battery, they are trying to transform planet earth into a completely sustainable energy economy and the question is can any other companies on earth do it too? Only can do.

It’s up to you we should be excited and motivated about the future and I’m not suggesting complacency or anything like that or that we should keep and there it’s better to go fast it’s better to go slow but we don’t we Some don’t have to live a terrible or stagnant life and give up the things we love. You can have things you really like and even more options to choose from.

Environment can be good all good things are possible just saying we need to be excited and optimistic about the future we need to get it done it’s a lot of work but you have to first understand about sustainable energy on a large scale need to know know the next this was the next step in your vertical integration on vehicle design was the next step in your vertical integration battery design factory optimization at the same time vehicle design is battery design factory optimization.

The vehicle could lead to a goal I think you know the 50 percent step change in cost when the new generation finally comes out can you take us through a quick summary of it and it’s going to be Tam’s next Uh goes on wave because price elasticity is what you were sharing on this topic that’s another big takeaway for Tesla.

That’s almost half the production cost and difficulty of the Model 3. We’re hearing Elon Musk say there’s a clear path to an attractive electric vehicle. Now Elon describes why that’s a clear path spoiler alert. Physics aside, I’m still upset, embarrassed and many other things at the same time regarding the reaction to Tesla’s Investor Day 2023 presentation.

Elon in particular describes a clear path to take on Wall Street as Tesla did numbers that didn’t blow his ass. Physics based calculations yielded, he said, efficiency improvements. Manufacturing footprint Density of operators Reduction in time to put things together Reduction in the distance required to move things from point A to point B .

Elon said in a vague way I mean we think maybe we can’t say there’s a clear way he detected it and people around because all the bombings happen only in an instant that the vehicle actually Will be used in almost fully autonomous mode, which is really huge Tesla autonomy and if people have used Tesla full self driving and seen how fast self driving capability is developing.

It’s far too much credit to Tesla not to give this much autonomy and I think that’s a serious mistake, no other company is making meaningful progress. In terms of a generalized autonomous solution, it cruises and Waymo operating robo on rails. Very different from the likes of taxis, which require you to cover your vehicle in a suite of insanely expensive sensors, including lighters, in HD.

The entire field of view is captured so you can bounce signals off objects and make sure no one is in the way of the real environment and your pre-mapped HD hand-holding guard rail between these vehicles Incompatibilities can be great and effective in a very small geographic area but they are stupid. This is a party trick. This is developing an autonomous vehicle on rails.

generalized solution you can pick up a tesla of theirs and drop them anywhere on earth and it will figure out how to spoon it doesn’t need to be fed it doesn’t need pre-mapping and it doesn’t need a lighter , it’s very important to understand that many of these autonomous vehicle startups give me a false impression of being ahead of Tesla because they cover very small geographic areas. Robo taxis deployed in the area bought the C sector but these are not scalable solutions.

Tesla has the missing data lead. They’ve already won the race to solve generalized autonomy. The market doesn’t understand it. I don’t know when it’s solved. I don’t. I don’t know when the first robo taxi fares. happened, I am still attached to it. My years-old guess is that the first robo-taxi fare in a Tesla vehicle is somewhere on Earth in late 2024. When this happens, it goes wrong.

Tesla is the first company to solve autonomy with a generalized solution. Tesla’s got a multi-year head start on the rest of the industry which, as I’ve mentioned in the past, is what matters most to consumers. What matters more is if Tesla develops a solution for the future that is clearly better than anything else on the market two three four five ten times safer. They don’t care about dying or being permanently injured or disabled, they do it. Are more likely to think it is safe to hurt themselves.

don’t want to be an accident victim i think i’m going to go with the safer option thanks now there are warnings and exceptions i mean people ride motorcycles today ultimately that’s asking for trouble but many consumers would really prefer the safety this Software e Safest and Secure History Tesla’s Missing Data Advantage Tesla’s fleet is now approaching 4 million vehicles equipped with sensors that carry a suite.

Collects data to train and improve software that can work autonomously on its own. To do this, training a neural network is fundamental. Somebody else has a fleet. No one else has the data. It is insanity and folly not to consider this result, even if they are skeptics, even if they haven’t taken the time to model the implications of successfully solving Tesla’s autonomy.

Theoretically every human could use from tesla in the future robo taxis once again the total addressable market is all human beings i again have a question even if you doubt the autonomy issue if you test stock Or don’t own Tesla stock, are you a real Tesla fan ready to successfully address the interests of autonomy and prepare Tesla to move consumers from point A to point B in the form of robo taxis? Use vehicles every day actually they come once every three centuries or so so you don’t have to believe this is going to solve autonomy.

You’ve got to consider whether or not autonomy can be solved and what the implications may or may not be because if Tesla solves autonomy if their lead is really unavailable and they can scale up robo taxis While this fact is important to the stock market, I know that if this clears up, you better hope you buy Tesla stock first. Meanwhile Elon is doing his art of signaling investors in the hottest markets to warn everyone. These are our plans. These are our physics-based calculations.

believe tesla or elon you have at least got to hear what they are saying what they want to do is up to you elon has been warning investors for years and i doubt there will be one in the future There will come a point where Tess’s valuation is in the several trillion dollar range, someone is going to ask Elon in an interview, did Elon ever think he was worth several trillion dollars? Dollar and Elon are going yes actually you remember I was talking about robo taxis and the total addressable market is going to be every human being on earth.

We’re going to convert the entire planet to sustainable energy that we’ve been talking about over and over again and some of you listened and most of you I didn’t do my best, you can’t say I didn’t Not tried to warn and talked about trying my best to warn people about an opportunity since its inception I have been trying I try my best to warn everyone who watches this channel Be given whether they want to stay fit, increase energy, boost immunity.






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