Brandi Carlile Reimagines Tracks ‘In The Canyon Haze’ On Upcoming Deluxe Album.

Brandi Carlyle is gearing up for the release of In the Canyon Haze, a new deluxe edition of her 1st album In the Silent Days, on September 28 via Low Country Sound/Electra Records.

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Brandi Carlyle shared an Imagery from Light Rail Canyon’s sound view .Some of this may have resulted in deadly explosions.

I could see the cast of California Dreamers swinging amongst the Polaroid haze, embroidered flowers and peace signs on their backs. The lighting is balanced in the middle of the Rocks Theater, with the right “hundred” at the right time for TD and Yoon’s Madison.

Canyon Haze Track List in Deluxe Edition:

1. Right On Time
2. You and I The Rock feat. Doctorate degree
3. This time tomorrow
4. Broken Horses
5. Letter to the Last
6. Mama Werewolf
7. When You Wrong
8. Be Gentle
9. Sinner Saint and Snook
10.Throwing Good After Bad


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