Breaking: “Hey Rep Adam Schiff ,What’s This?” Twitter Boss Elon Musk Exposes Adam Schiff’s Attempt To Deplatform Reporter

Twitter CEO Elon Musk publicized the next volume of Twitter Files via journalist Matt Taby. Matt Taibbi suspected that his name was vetoed by Democratic Representative Adam Schiff or an unnamed staff member in his office in an effort to oust reporter Paul Sperry. When COVID ravaged the Global Engagement Center in February 2020, a new analytical/intelligence branch of the State Department released a report to the media called Russian Disinformation Apparatus Taking Advantage of Coronavirus Concerns.

The GEC flagged accounts based on criteria such as blaming research conducted at the Wuhan Institute on Russian individuals and proxies, describing the coronavirus as an engineered bio-weapon, and attributing the virus’ presence to the CIA.

The US state has been made popular by Twitter. Accounts critical of the news were also flagged. Zero Hedge had retweeted the news of the ban and claimed that the incident triggered another wave of misinformation. ZH speculated that the virus had laboratory origins.

The GEC still follows an AFP headline, “Misinformation campaign linked to Russia causes coronavirus alarm, US says” and political story like Russian, Chinese, Iranian misinformation echoing each other.

Policy Director Carlos Monje said that if these people are like the House Homeland Committee and DHS, once we give them direct access to Joel, they will want to come back to him again and again. When the State Department/GEC remembers it was 2020 when the Trump administration wanted to make public a list of 5,500 accounts, claiming it would fuel Chinese propaganda and misinformation about Covid. Twitter analysts were beside themselves

The GEC report has all the earmarks of being founded on DHS information flowed before that week and incorporates accounts that follow “at least two” Chinese political records. They purportedly wound up with a rundown “around 250,000 names in length, and it included Canadian authorities and a CNN account.

Roth saw the move as an attempt by the GEC to use intel from other agencies to join the content moderation club, which includes GEC members in this forum, including Twitter, Facebook, the FBI, DHS and others. Let’s participate. Withdrawing participation makes sense.

When informed by the FBI about the GEC’s request to join common industry call connecting companies such as the FBI, DHS, Facebook and Twitter, Twitter executives protested. Facebook, Google and Twitter executives were united in their opposition to the inclusion of the GEC, citing “the GEC’s mandate for aggressive IO to promote US interests”.

When Senior Counsel Stacia Cardile tried to argue against the GEC’s inclusion in the FBI, words were not with Laura, but with Agent Elvis Chan, head of the Foreign Influence Task Force (FITF) unit, Laura Dehlo . Ultimately the FBI argued, first on Facebook, for a compromise solution: other USG agencies could participate in the “industry” call, but the FBI and DHS would act as the sole “route”.

Roth approached Chan with concerns about letting in “press-happy GECs”, expressing hope that they could “keep the circle of trust small.” Channel will be and State/GEC, NSA and CIA have expressed interest in allowing in listen only mode.

Bailey Button Chan explained, “We can tell you everything we’re seeing from the FBI and USIC agencies, but the DHS agency CISA will know exactly what’s happening in each state.” He further asked whether industry could rely on the FBI as the navel of the USG.

Twitter was fielding requests from every imaginable government body, starting with the Senate Intel Committee (SSCI), which needed reassurance that Twitter was taking instructions from the FBI. The officers rush to tell Team SSCI that they have closed five accounts based on an FBI tip.

They received a surprisingly wide variety of requests from officials asking about individuals they did not want to sanction. Here, Democrats and the office of House Intel Committee head Adam Schiff asked Twitter to ban journalist Paul Sperry, saying we don’t do that. Even at the time Twitter refused to honor Schiff’s request, Sperry was subsequently suspended.”

Enter Elon Musk who said:

“Hey @RepAdamSchiff, what is this?”

More salient evidence emerged in the next round of leaked Twitter files by Elon Musk that show Twitter officials’ ties to government agencies that have banned those opposing the Biden administration. The files also show how Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff used his powers to ban journalist Paul Sperry from Twitter. Government officials and law enforcement agencies are given power and authority for the welfare and prosperity of Americans, however, they always do the opposite.

Democrats use their sovereignty only to create wealth and riches all over the world and they are often seen using their authority even on those who expose them or go against their will. Adam Schiff appears to be one of the perfect examples of such a Democrat.

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