Breaking: Tucker Carlson Reportedly Creating His Own Media Company Partnership with Elon Musk Possible

Tuckerworld may be coming to your television, telephone and PC in the near future Money Road Diary detailed Friday that former Fox News executive Carlson is looking to start another media outfit that will expand his ongoing Twitter communications.

The report relied on “people familiar with the matter” and sees the idea in an arrangement stage where the focus is on raising cash to promote the idea. The diary revealed Neil Patel, who co-founded The Everyday with Carlson. Guest, working closely with Carlson in this effort.

Lenders, legal advisors and media experts have been enrolled to join the group pitching ideas to the organization as work begins to trace the large amount of dollars being sent to the organization, the report said. It has been said in the report that in the meantime a Twitter group has also been contacted.

As the diary indicates, a recent meeting between Twitter chief Linda Yacarino and Carlson creator Justin Wells reports that representatives of Twitter have held talks with Fox News in the past about ways they could, e.g. For, Twitter recordings could be viewed on television. It underscored Carlson as a man who viewed YouTube as his workplace with skepticism in light of the platform’s propensity for blue penciling moderates.

The report proposed that the organization would offer a mix of free Happy, as Carlson posted on Twitter, with access to longer and more top-down content through subscriptions. The diary detailed that Carlson would distribute the content. The report added that the possibility that “several brands would endorse Carlson’s show” is also being investigated.

The report said that from Twitter’s perspective, the potential arrangement would “enhance the relationship between the platform and one of its most prominent video creators, and serve as an experiment for the virtual entertainment conglomerate’s video aspirations under Elon Musk”. Musk has said he needs to work on a platform with conservationists like Carlson to focus on left-wing material suppliers.

The diary detailed that the media’s work would not be limited to Twitter, but would be a site and a multi-functional application. The report found that Patel and Carlson were flatmates at Trinity School in Connecticut, with Carlson seeing Saw as a daily guest. Fox News pardoned Carlson in April, despite the fact that he still agrees with the organization that filed a restraining order over his Twitter adventure.

Carlson has demonstrated through his lawyers that he has no plans to block Twitter recordings. Carlson, a former Fox News executive, plans to form another media conglomerate with entities established on Twitter and is currently raising reserves. People familiar with the situation told Money Road Diary that Carlson and former White House guide and Everyday Guest organizer Neil Patel are working together on the new effort.

According to Power Source, the new organization will highlight longer versions of the recordings that Carlson has been presenting on Twitter since separating from Fox News and unsubscribing in April. In late April, Carlson posted his most memorable short video on Twitter. Posted in which he covered big and controversial issues.

The new organization, through Carlson and Patel, will allow users of Twitter and other online entertainment forums to view short video cuts in any position. In any case, to see the full recording, customers will have to make a purchase, people familiar with the situation told PowerSource.

Twitter owner Elon Musk has been an ally of free speech, saying he believes the virtual entertainment platform should be protected from it. In May he tweeted that he was sure “many others, especially those on the left, will decide to become content creators on the platform”.

In June, Fox News sent Carlson a cease-and-desist order, saying that his Twitter series was in defiance of an agreement he had endorsed with the organization. People familiar with the matter told Power Source that Carlson and Patel’s new The organization would eventually include additional features and shows.

Carlson, a former Fox News (FOXA.O) executive, and Neil Patel, a former White House counselor, are hoping to raise assets to start another media outfit that could actually be Twitter, Money Road Diary reported Friday. Could Can step. Details provided.

The pair is hoping to raise a significant amount of dollars to support the organisation, the report said, citing people familiar with the matter.

The organization will be protected by a longer adaptation of the free recordings Elon Musk has been posting regularly on Twitter since Carlson stepped down from Fox News, according to the report, though it will eventually be subscription-driven. Carlson responded to a Reuters request for comment. did not immediately respond, while Patel could not be immediately contacted.

Carlson and Fox News agreed in April to separate after its parent organization Fox Corp was sued for $787.5 million to guarantee that the news network would stop making misleading political race-fixing claims. Will do it. The broadcast denigrated the voting situation. Carlson played an important role in the claim.

He presented the lead episode of his new show, “Exhaust on Twitter,” in June. Carlson, a former Fox News executive, and Neil Patel, a former White House counselor, have collaborated to fund Money Road Diaries, another independent media organization. , it was announced on Friday.

The team is reportedly hoping to raise large amounts of dollars to build out the organization, the report said, citing people familiar with the matter as the new outlet by long adaptations of free recordings. which Elon Musk has shared regularly on Twitter since Carlson’s departure from Fox News, will still ultimately be driven by subscriptions. will go

Carlson, who anchors the extraordinary ratings exit Carlson feature on Fox This Evening, did not immediately respond to a request for Reuters input. As Breitbart News disclosed, Carlson and Fox News parted ways in April when parent organization Fox Corp. sued for $787.5 million for guarantees made by news networks over misleading claims of political race-fixing. The domain casting position has been criticized.

The split completed a long period of progress for Carlson in the organization. In April 2020, the ousted Carlson This Evening program overtook Hannity as the highest-rated early evening link show of 2020, with a group average of 4.56 million viewers. The show averaged 4.33 million viewers in the second quarter. This was the highest number of viewers for any program in the entire existence of Link News.

According to Mediaite in 2022, “Carlson was the most-watched figure among liberals aged 25-54 across all organizations during October”. In a video posted on Twitter, Carlson said that he would be relaunching his show on the web-based entertainment platform “soon”.

He presented the first episode of his new show, “Exhaust on Twitter”, in June. As Axios reported in June, Fox News retaliated by telling its legitimate group that the previous evening’s host was shutting down his Twitter show. By doing this, he had abused his agreement with the organization.

According to Axios, an excited Carlson is consulting conservative outlets about his next business move. He is reportedly in talks with Newsmax and Thunder while his attorneys work to break his Fox contract, as Axios reports. Another report indicates, Exxon Carlson has discussed a collaboration with Elon Musk at least once.

Be that as it may, according to Axios, the previous Fox News reporter and the tycoon Twitter and the president of Tesla reportedly did not talk about the points of interest of such a plan. The outcome of their conversation came to light when Axios further reported that Carlson is collaborating with partners to break his Fox contract, which now runs through 2025 and bars him from working with various outlets.

Both Carlson and recently fired CNN anchor Ware Lemon have hired the same legal counsel, Brian Friedman, to resolve issues with their previous occupations. “The prospect that someone could be fired is ridiculous,” Friedman told Axios. silence him and prevent him from addressing his crowd.”

Musk has said in the past that he has decided to side with both the left and conservatives, but has encouraged independent candidates to lean toward conservatives during the 2022 primaries to prevent a large liberal majority. Hee told Insider that Musk often uses his Twitter to amplify conservative information. He also habitually engages on Twitter with conservative commentators such as Mike Cernovich and accounts with names such as “End Progressivism”.

Axios revealed that Carlson has been in contact with moderate outlets such as Newsmax and Thunder, and is also considering starting his own site to contact groups of people like his predecessor, Bill O’Reilly.

The weeks following Carlson’s dismissal have been filled with discussion of his tenure at Fox, including messages sent to a group of “Trump people” attacking “antifa kids” for portraying their radical thinking. is about. Also included is Carlson’s video to find out what the women of Fox are up to. There were “pad battles” in the washrooms in the news.

Carlsen has remained conspicuously silent about his so far unexplained flight, so far only giving brief comments to an Everyday Mail columnist and sharing a video on Twitter shortly after 8pm on 26 April. — his former position at Fox, which has seen ratings decline since his departure.

Friedman, as well as agents for Twitter and Tesla, did not immediately respond to requests for insider input sent Sunday evening.


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