Celebrities who have openly owned plastic surgery.

Ariel winter

The 17-year-old Modern Family actress underwent breast reduction surgery, a decision that recounts the glamor that came after years of back pain and growing in the limelight.

Chrissy Teigen

No stranger to keeping it real, Chrissy Teigen recently opened up about the work she does.Every little thing about me is phony with the exception of my cheeks. She joked that she later clarified that she did lipo on her armpits.

Jillian michaels

In a meeting with People, the wellness master confessed to undergoing surgery. I finished my nose when I was 16, she said. Furthermore, I’ll be straightforward it transformed me.

Lisa Kudrow

The Friends and Scandals actress admitted that she was the chosen one to get a nose job in high school. I did it the summer before I moved to a new school, she told The Saturday Evening Post. It was a nice change.

Jane Seymour

The actress readily admits to breast augmentation surgery enough to replace what the kids eat as she says.

Ashley simpson
The star never spoke about her actual procedure. She confirmed it to Us Weekly as long as people have two eyes. You probably know the answer, she said.

Betty white

The late actress admitted to having a minor procedure. It’s not good to fool mother nature but in 1976 I blinked my eyelashes. I chided myself always however presently I’m happy I did.

Jessica Simpson

Simpson told Glamor in 2006 that she regretted getting fillers. I had that Restylane stuff. It seemed fake to me. I didn’t like that. But it went by like four months. My lips are back what they were.

Heidi montago

One of the most important plastic medical procedure changes in actuality TV history. Montag admitted that she had a passion for plastic surgery and became so infatuated with the character that I was playing with her breast implants removed after more than 10 different plastic surgeries.

Zone Rivers

It’s no secret that the late Joan Rivers has been under the knife many times. He joked in 2013 that the only way to touch a man at this age is to get me plastic surgery.

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