Cheney loss proves it’s no longer Democrats v. Republican it’s Democracy v. Fascism: MSNBC guest

Democratic strategist Fernand Amandi recently claimed that the Democratic Party would not face the Republican Party in the upcoming midterm elections, but that democracy would face fascism.

Amandy made her assessment during Thursday night’s episode of MSNBC’s The Read Out. MSNBC host Tiffany Cross filled in for general host Joy Reid and inspired Amandy with her concerns about vote-rigging by Republican lawmakers across the country ahead of the big elections starting January 6.

Who Cross spoke of widespread voter suppression across the country. I think of partisan election watchers. I think of those who are wondering how the election is going, who are probably excited since January 6.

And I wonder if it’s not a fair playing field the cross continued. He then asked Amandy if voters might be so intimidated by what they were seeing in the Republican Party that they would once again jump to such tactics to suppress the will of the people.

Amandi insisted that voters simply have to find a way to beat these gimmicks. There has to be a way to accomplish this, Tiffany Guest said. He emphasized the urgency for Democrats to fight back and claimed Rep. Liz Cheney.

R-Vyo’s primary loss showed just how obvious the risk to democracy is due to the GOP. Basically what’s on the ballot this November, he asked. Let’s make no mistake about it and I think this week’s results from Liz Cheney made that clear.

The election is not between Democrats and Republicans, it is between the democracy and fascism that he proclaimed. Earlier this month Amandy concurred with similar talking points made by fellow MSNBC guest Lucy Caldwell during an episode of MSNBC’s The Cross Connection Caldwell.

Today’s Republicans are fascists, and it’s about issues like our democracy. is about. is about. is about. is about. But elections are being stolen and it is on issues like a woman’s right to medical care.

Amandy responded, saying that once Cheney and Representative Adam Keisinger, R-Ill, left the party, “we can call them all fascists.

To read back Amandy continues the Republican playbook of rigging the system and making voting the hardest part.

So when you take into account all the effort that Republicans are making to vote in these states, you’re asking for a lot of these Democratic candidates to win in those states.

more difficult and targeting certain voters, Amandi said. We certainly see it everywhere which Strategist continues to add but it’s also happening especially here in my home state of Florida.

He then ends by warning Cross and his listeners that you cannot take this lightly because all they are doing is trying to shut it down.

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