Christine Baranski on her viral Elon Musk photo: ‘I have a low opinion of these billionaires’

Sometimes looks aren’t deceiving: Christine Baranski was absolutely staring at Elon Musk in that viral photo from the Met Gala.

Photographer Cinna Nasseri caught the 70-year-old actress staring contemptuously at the Tesla founder during an event in May.

The image quickly went viral and Baranski’s daughter even posed for the Good Fight star.  Baranski told Entertainment Weekly that the image accurately captured her feelings for Musk. Funny thing is, I don’t remember looking back.

But I really disliked him as I was waiting for dinner, Baranski recalled. I was with somebody who was at my table and I saw Elon Musk and I went oh my god it’s Elon Musk.

I basically said to my friend ‘I don’t know how you feel about this but why is he spending billions of dollars in space when he could be cleaning up the planet I’m an environmentalist.

I would have recollected sooner or later, but I didn’t show for that picture. The actress is so opinionated, in fact, that she even included Musk in an upcoming episode of The Good Fight.

We have our own extraordinary Elon Musk in The Incomparable Fight. Gross is the founder of Google’s version of the show, Chumham, and is played by John Benjamin Hickey.

I have to bash billionaires a bit . I’ve added a couple of lines [to the script], and I’ll really remember Elon Musk for the last episode,” she proclaimed with a “magnificent, rebellious cluck,” per EW.

Musk ended up at the focal point of an alternate viral picture this week. The 51-year-old SpaceX CEO became a meme after he was photographed shirtless by photographers in Greece.


Christine Baranski losing her shit after being gifted the photo took of her giving the death stare to Elon Musk at the Met Gala by her daughter.

Musk answered by tweeting, “Haha damn, perhaps I ought to take my shirt off on a more regular basis… nip free!!” He quite can’t share his assessments on Baranski.

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