‘Cobra Kai’ hasn’t lost its kick as it keeps ‘Karate Kid’-ing around.

Crossing streams with sequels, Cobra Kai’s fifth season is the heavy dollop of the second and third The Karate Kid films, while continuing to carve out its next generation of melodrama in exceptionally stealth fashion. While it’s not the best series on TV, there must be some sort of award for best revival from Netflix’s limited source material.

In the inevitable battle of Duel Dojos in Season 4, which saw every kid taking up karate in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley, Tell Terry Silver left the area under the thumb of Thomas Ian Griffith, who was at the crease of Martin Cove. One such dazzling repetition has revived the role of the villain.

Daniel Ralph Macchio still oversees Second Elect Yuji Okumoto in an unlikely but utterly hysterical alliance to fight the bad guy of The Karate Kid III. When Daniel suggests they need to cut off the snake’s head, the literal-minded Chozen pulls out the knife and is ready to go.

Of course there’s more to it than that, often as Johnny William Zabka tries to navigate his romance with Carmen Vanessa Rubio and the rift between his son Tanner Buchanan and his Xolo Mariduna.

Kids actually have many transferable loyalties as to the older generation whose AARP qualified karate masters prove to be remarkably playful. The producers have been quite resourceful in not only weaving vintage clips where appropriate into the show, but sprinkling on familiar faces that should never be spoiled again and thus faithfully treat the original Karate Kid trilogy. The great vote that was an earthly cross between the stars of War and Star Trek.

Like any show Cobra Kai’s mix features several high-school-age characters running away from real estate, at least to gain an appreciable advantage from the younger crowd. The season has also started exhibiting a familiar pattern and started off strong with slight stretches in between.

Even the show’s remarkable resilience so far began on YouTube before migrating to Netflix, where it blossomed into an Emmy-nominated success, suggesting it would be premature to make it count.

Plus Cobra Kai has demonstrated yet again that you really need a good foot on which to keep fighting. Five seasons in, the show has already exceeded any reasonable expectations by developing a life of its own that proves it wasn’t just a karate joke. The fifth time of Cobra Kai starts on September 9 on Netflix.

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