Coco Gauff Drops U.S. Open Quarterfinals Match to Caroline Garcia.

17th seed Garcia of France defeated the 18-year-old American in her first straight sets quarterfinal at the US Open.

So what do you call a steamroller in French?

It’s a great time to find out because nothing has been able to stop Carolyn Garcia of late. Not even the American Coco gaffe and the overcrowded crowd at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Garcia, 28, from the French city of Lyon, did not look the least bit upset on Tuesday.

In his first night-session at tennis’s biggest stadium, Garcia beat the first four games of this US Open quarterfinal in just 17 minutes and then scored on time to win 6-3, 6-4. Regular dividend-paying volleys and a large baseline.

Getting a quick start was very important, Garcia said, worried about preventing the latest sell-out crowd of 23,859 at Ash from making his life more difficult.

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