Cowboys Lose Opener to Bucs 19-3.

Coming into the regular season the two biggest position concerns for the Dallas Cowboys were their wide receivers and offensive line. If this opening game is any indication they have a lot to worry about and now they must add the quarterback to the list in which Duck Prescott is expected to miss a few weeks with an arm injury.

After falling 19-3, the Cowboys couldn’t gather much in the way of any offensive threat, in front of a sold out crowd of 93,797 fans, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The offensive line performed decently in the conditions, but consistency and penalties were an issue.

The receiving corps, for its part, was largely struggling to make room and so Dak Prescott, who was by no means quick, made only 14 out of 29 pass attempts for 134 yards and a pass rating of 47.2. Of. achieved. It’s finished. 1 wideout CeeDee Lamb was shot 11 times but took only two passes for 29 yards.

Worse, Prescott had to leave the game with an injury to his throwing arm, for five minutes, for word on the X-ray results to come. But Dak said he expected to have surgery on his thumb after the game and that the Cowboys looked like he would miss a few games.

A bright spot on the offense may have been Ezekiel Elliott, as he averaged 5.2 yards per carry. However, after much discussion about the team relying on the ongoing game, Elliott was bowled only 10 times, ending the night with 52 rushing yards. Meanwhile, although there was talk of Toni Pollard being more involved, he covered just eight yards on six carries, averaging 1.3, 14 and with two catches for yards.

Of course, coming into this season, the Cowboys knew they had to rely on their defense, and under the leadership of Micah Parsons, last season’s Defensive Rookie Player of the Year, the unit at least took the game completely out of hand. removed. Got it. prevented from going out. Still, future Hall of Famer Tom Brady did what Tom Brady does, passing 212 yards and a touchdown for an 87.3 rating.

Running back, Leonard Fournet probably did more damage, however, as he reached 127 yards on 21 carries. That and the Buccaneers’ defense, which put Dallas for a total of 244 yards, proved to be too much. By comparison, Tampa Bay covered a total of 347 yards.

First quarter

Both sides traded field goals on their opening drives of the game, with Brett Maher splitting upwards from 51 yards. Tampa Bay’s Ryan Sukop then responded with a 44-yard field goal of his own.

Unfortunately, the Cowboys suffered a setback during their first possession when left guard Conor McGovern left the game with an ankle injury. For an offensive line that is already thin due to the loss of Tyrone Smith, sidestepping another starter was something they certainly couldn’t afford. Succop made it two-for-two in the Buccaneers’ first two series as this time he was good from 38 yards, giving the visitors an early lead.

Second quarter

The Buccaneers climbed into Cowboys territory again in their third possession, but after Parsons sacked Tom Brady on third and -8, Dallas caught a break when Sakop pulled his kick to the left. However, the Cowboys could not take advantage of the mischief.

In fact unlike third and -10 from his 26-yard line, Prescott was then picked by Tampa Bay safety Antoine Winfield, the established Dallas Buccaneers on the 23-yard line. Thankfully, Parsons defended to force another field goal attempt by picking up his second sack of the night.

Another Tampa Bay drive, another field goal opportunity. The Dallas defense thankfully pushed the Buccaneers out of the end zone, but the visitors went into the break with a 12-3 advantage after Sakop booted a 47-yard field objective with 14 seconds staying in the subsequent quarter.

Third quarter

After knocking on the goal-line door several times, the Buccaneers finally moved on. Starting from their 10-yard line with more than eight minutes into the quarter, the Buccaneers began with three straight fournet runs for a combined 37 yards. Then it was Brady’s turn as he completed 4 of 5 passes for 39 yards, the final of which was a 5-yard toss to Mike Evans in the left half of the end zone for the game’s just score.

Fourth quarter

Desperate to add to their total, the Cowboys went for fourth and -2 on the Buccaneers’ 41-yard line, but Prescott’s pass fell short of rookie Dennis Houston. Just three snaps at Tampa Bay’s next possession, however, safety Donovan Wilson blocked Brady’s offer, giving Dallas the ball on his 48-yard line.

Still unable to do anything on offense, the Cowboys’ night fell further when Prescott had to leave the game late in the fourth quarter after being thrown in consecutive plays. He was taken to the locker room shortly after Cooper Rush came into the game.

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