DeSantis says Florida officials arrested and charged 20 people with illegal voting.

Florida officials have arrested 20 people and charged them with illegal voting. The declaration was made a couple of days before the state’s essential political race and casting a ballot is in progress soon.

DeSantis surrounded by law enforcement said 20 people were accused of voting in Broward Miami Dade and Palm Beach counties that are the most democratic in the state.

They did not go through any process they did not restore their rights and yet they went ahead and voted. It’s illegal and presently they will follow through on the cost DeSantis said.

He also said that all 20 had been convicted of crimes of murder or sex offences which resulted in a life ban on voting. Florida electors lifted the boycott for any remaining offenses in 2018.

The lead representative delivered not many different insights concerning the charges and the arraignment and warrant were not promptly accessible.

The lack of detail is significant. The rules for voting with a felony are incredibly complex across the country including Florida and many people with a felony can be confused about their eligibility.

There are many examples of illegal voting in Florida including felonies that prove to be misleading. Individuals with lawful offenses can be obvious objectives for investigators hoping to construct an electoral cheating case since they are as of now being followed.

DeSantis used a press conference Thursday to champion the work of the Office of Election Crime and Security in Broward County the first office of its kind created this year and charged with investigating voter fraud.

The head of that office Peter Antonecki said Thursday was a special day. He said that this is the day when we start taking fraud seriously.

Blair Bowie an attorney with the Campaign Legal Center said the move is clearly intended to prevent bullying and harassment by trying to get qualified Floridians to vote a watchdog group that wants to vote for people with felonies.

Florida lawmakers passed a measure that made it very difficult for people to find out if they could vote again after Florida voters lifted a lifetime voting ban for people with most felonies.

Florida election officials challenged in a trial that they would regularly monitor ballot lists to disqualify Bowie. Bowie said in an email that when voter registration applications are submitted it is Florida’s job to review them and determine whether that person is eligible at that time.

Florida’s director of elections swore under oath that they would check each registration for eligibility. First they said they would see if ineligible convicts had committed sex offenses of murder and that they would remove those registrations.

Florida could have fulfilled that promise and denied these voter registrations to prevent ineligible voters from voting in the first place.

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