Destiny 2: Lightfall is a battle of light vs. Dark in a cyberpunk world.

Bungie first teased its next major Destiny 2: Lightfall expansion more than two years ago, and players have since gained control of Darkness, fighting off Savathon and his undead army.

It’s time to shake things up again with the launch of Destiny 2: Lightfall on February 28th with new Strand subclasses of its new cyberpunk world and more.

It is also the final battle of Destiny’s epic Light vs. Dark saga. At the heart of Destiny 2: Lightfall is an unusual new location for Bungie’s franchise that is heavily cyberpunk.

A new hidden Neomuna city on Neptune serves as a dystopian futuristic setting to continue the story of Destiny 2, which will once again see Kailas as the main villain.

The Witness, a mysterious human villain, is on Calus’ side in the fight to destroy the equally mysterious Traveller.

Neptune’s capital, Neomuna, has bright neon lights everywhere and lights up like the aurora borealis. This destiny is unlike anything that exists in the universe.

It is a secret technologically advanced city. There are also new Cloud Striders who protect Neomuna, and the Shadow Legion Cabal faction and giant Tormentors who can attack from afar.

Bungie is by and by presenting another subclass with Lightfall.Strand is a green subclass, and it gives Destiny 2 Guardians immense power like we’ve never seen before.

The big new addition to the strand is a grapple hook, as we’ve seen in Fortnite Halo Infinite, and Apex Legends. You are able to melee at any point, and you can use the hook to grab anything.

Originally developed for the Hunter class, Bungie asked to expand it to all three classes so that each parent could play the Grapefruit Hook.

Strand isn’t all about the grapevine hook, although it adds a lot of damage abilities. Titans get giant claws for damage, Predators get a rope you can weave and whip, and Warlocks get super abilities like Blade Barrage.

Bungie is also making Destiny 2: Lightfall a lot more accessible to players new and old. Guardian Ranks is a new system that players can use to identify veteran players in Destiny 2.

Groups in Bungie 2023 are also adding a built-in quest to the LFG system that will help players group together for activities. There is also a new appreciation system where players can show appreciation for fellow players.

Other lifetime improvements include an in-game loadout and a mod manager. Destiny 2 players have had to use third-party tools like DIM for years, so something inside the game would be very welcome.

Lightfall will come next year before Destiny 2, from today the new season of Destiny 2 is starting. Smash Season one is about being a space pirate, and it sees the return of the Fallen Aramis villain.

Fighting includes a new Catchercush mode where you board pirate ships and loot chests, and another activity where you hunt down pirate leaders.

Smash Seasons also introduces the ultimate rework of class abilities, Ark 3.0. Titans received a new Thunderclap-enhanced melee attack with major damage, giving Hunters another blink movement. The Enchantress also gets two new Power Melee attacks.

King’s Fall Raid also returns on Friday, largely part of the original The Taken King expansion. It’s a big season as we get closer to Destiny 2: Lightfall, a Fortnite and Fall Guys crossover, and Destiny 2 is coming to the Epic Games Store.

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