Did Elon Musk Really Just Cut Employees’ Paid Leave from 20 Weeks to Two?

Twitter owner Elon Musk has reportedly slashed the organization’s paid parental leave from 20 weeks to just two, according to New York Times tech journalist Kate Conger.

The same week that we at Marvelousness sent our mission to #PassedPaidLeave in collaboration with Paid Leave for All in America, Musk denounced Twitter’s extortionate parental leave strategy. This puts the organization well off, with important tech partnerships across the country, and spells a huge disaster for the entire labor force – yet especially women, many of whom need to take care of their expenses. Is required.

The strategy is being changed to whatever is legally required, along with a “top up” of about fourteen days of leave in space, according to incoming records seen by Conger.

In the US, where there is no public provision for paid family leave, the Family and Clinical Leave Act guarantees 12 weeks of unpaid leave at your particular employment – leaving many Americans to choose between their families and their families each year.

It’s confused whether Musk’s new approach takes state paid leave recommendations into account 12 states in the US offer some form of paid family and clinical leave. Many specialists are eligible for about two months of state-paid dedication in California and up to 12 weeks in New York.

However, some furious ex-Twitter delegates have taken to the online entertainment platform to point out that many professionals based in states that do not offer state-based paid leave will now only receive fourteen days of compensation from the organization.

This strategy change comes the same week that CHARM and Paid Leave for All step up our mission to bring to light the shocking absence of public paid family and clinical leave programs in a country where one in four women have to be forced. Back to work in two days or less.

Our mission to highlight the “Get Your Sh*t Together, Child” book series we created in conjunction with Mother Promotional Firm – is an ironic look at what happens when mothers go to work fourteen days after conception Returns He had to return, and encouraged people to sign a petition asking Congress to pass paid vacation regulation.

Previous Twitter representatives are similarly unhappy with the organization’s new strategy of letting the fourteen-day-olds fend for themselves. Around the same time that President Biden and VP Harris called for paid passes to become regulation, we say now is the right time to step up, do not hold back parental leave strategies in the work environment.

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