Did the DOJ drop the Epstein Client list? Musk demands truth for the public

Elon should be following former President Trump’s gold pattern. This is due to the fact that Musk still finds time to send completely irrelevant tweets while being CEO of Tesla Space X and boring firm Twitter. Tesla in China. A large battery manufacturing facility and solar panel company.

That was the case last weekend when he shared this gorgeous meme about the Epstein-Maxwell “Little Black Book” or client list of people who linked Epstein and Maxwell to their child prostitutes: the fact that no one in the media What’s more surprising is that the DOJ is not disclosing the list.

Elon then joked that sometimes I feel like my detractors list is too short so before joking about sharing his meme, which of course angered the government. The accompanying ruling raised eyebrows and attracted the attention of many in the media. will disturb.

After this the matter got heated. This photo of Maxwell and Elon together at a party was discovered by a Twitter user who tweeted it with the caption I got one, alluding to Ghislaine and Epstein’s clients.


Elon responded quickly by pointing out the context of the photo and who was really to blame for her appearance in the first place. You should ask them why they brought Maxwell to the Vanity Fair Oscar party where she was photobombing me. The people who are promoting this photo are not mentioning the celebrities who have actually visited their island a dozen times.Elon Musk Epstein
Elon Musk and Jeffrey Epstein

Elon previously mentioned the Maxwell-Epstein client list. He also asked where is his client list? In early May. Shouldn’t one of them be abolished? In response to a comment that pointed out that Will Smith’s wacky story got more attention than Little Black Book.

When asked why they were already writing about his suicide, they mocked the tweet and Epstein’s untimely death.

After Ghislain’s lawyer settled in court, the British newspaper The Independent said in late 2021 that the little black book would not be made public. Ghislaine Maxwell’s Little Black Book, which contains the names and addresses of nearly 2,000 public figures and alleged victims, will not be made public.

At the weekend Ms Maxwell’s defense team and prosecutors agreed not to make public the 97-page directory, with the same publication saying the court had blocked the book to prevent it “dropping unnecessary names”.

Before the trial, Judge Alison Nathan said she did not want any unnecessary names used in the book which had occasionally referenced during her sex-trafficking trial Ms. Prince Andrew, Mr. Clinton, and others identified in the directory have all denied claims that they took part in any alleged sexual assault.

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