Dr. Ricardo Cruciani who physically mishandled patients commits suicide in prison.

A leading neurologist convicted of sexual assault last month killed himself in a New York City prison on Monday two people familiar with the matter said.

Individuals said Dr. Ricardo Cruciani was tracked down lethargic in a shower region at the Eric M. He was not approved to talk openly and did as such on state of secrecy.

Cruciani’s lawyer Frederick Sosinski confirmed in a statement that his client had died but not by manner of death.

He said Ricardo’s lawyers and family are shocked and saddened to learn of his violent death in city custody this morning.

Prosecutors said Cruciani prepared patients to overdose on painkillers sometimes to treat serious injuries from car wrecks and other accidents.

Six ladies affirmed that sexual maltreatment frequently occurred away from plain view during arrangements in 2013 at Manhattan Medical Center where specialists would uncover themselves and request sex.

He was to go to trial the following January on federal charges that he had been abusing multiple patients over more than 15 years at his offices in New York City Philadelphia and Hopewell New Jersey.

Cruciani denies mistreatment of women. His legal counselor in the court scrutinized the validity of the informers.

Sosinski called for an immediate and objective investigation into the circumstances of his death including whether prison officials at the time of his sentencing had complied with court orders to keep him in protective custody and supervised suicide.

Correctional Officers Association president Benny Bossio said high-profile inmates are usually placed under suicide watch and supervised by an additional officer when they first enter the prison.

Cruciani kicked the bucket the next month while anticipating condemning in a New York state case in which he was sentenced for 12 counts, including savage rape and was acquitted on two other counts. He even faced life in prison.

Cruciani’s actions were in no way a sign of remorse or guilt said Hilary Tullin who also testified and who helped wind up the case by calling a sexual abuse hotline in 2017. He could not cope his whole life. ,

Tulin called it a sad day for all of his victims who will never be finalized and will not get a chance to tell the defendant directly how their crimes affected their lives.

Jeffrey Fritz who represents 30 women who say they were victimized by Cruciani including Phoenix and Tulin many of his clients feel betrayed by criminal justice.

The Associated Press generally does not identify people who say they have survived sexual assault unless they give permission that Phoenix and Tulin have committed.

The local group of fire-fighters said it answered a call from an oblivious prisoner at the prison around 5:50 a.m.

The city’s Department of Corrections that runs Rikers Island confirmed that Eric M an inmate at Taylor Center died Monday but did not release his name citing a pending family notification. The reason for death is being researched the division said.

Penitentiaries magistrate Louis Molina said in an explanation that he was profoundly disheartened to learn of the detainee’s passing and guaranteed a fundamental inner survey to decide the conditions encompassing his demise.

Cruciani is basically the eleventh individual to pass on in a city jail this year. Last year, 16 individuals passed on in city imprisons, the most elevated starting around 2013.

The Daily News was quick to report Cruciani’s demise. A message seeking comment was left with the Manhattan District Attorney’s office that prosecuted the case that culminated in his conviction on July 29.

The campus has come into turmoil since the start of the coronavirus pandemic with years of neglect troubled inmate deaths violence self-harm and staff absenteeism. The city has said it will close Rikers Island by 2027 supplanting it with four more modest penitentiaries found somewhere else.

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