Dwayne Johnson battles to keep Black Adam out of Shazam.

Dwayne the Rock Johnson’s status as one of the greatest activity stars on the planet many individuals find it astonishing that he has stood by so lengthy to star in a comic book film establishment.

While the former wrestler may have been in the past thanks to his selection of superhero parts he always had his eye on a special role in Black Adam.

Johnson was first cast for the role a decade ago when he was in talks to play the villain in the film which eventually became Shazam of 2019.

Black Adam and Shazam have always been enemies in comic books deriving their superpowers from the same wizard.

For many, a film with the two of them seemed a natural fit. But Johnson eventually withdrew from the project and encouraged Warner Bros.

Executive to develop a standalone film featuring the villain in a different film. Johnson got his desire and Black Adam is set to hit venues this fall.

In a new interview with Vanity Fair Johnson explains why he stayed to ensure Black Adam is his film. When the first draft of the film came to us it was a combination of Black Adam and Shazam a film Johnson told.

Now that was the target so it wasn’t entirely a surprise. But when I read it I just knew that we can’t make a film like this.

We’ll make Black Adam incredibly incompetent. Combining two Shazam origin stories in one movie would have been fine but not good for Black Adam.

That feeling prompted Johnson to take a phone call to be uncomfortable with the idea. He explained that Black Adam and Shazam are fundamentally different characters and it would be a disservice to see them both in the same movie.

He accepted that any possible confrontation between the two characters in the end would be more extravagant assuming they were both presented in isolated films.

Dark Adam will open in performance centers on October 21, 2022.

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