Elon Declines $120 Million Bud Light Twitter Marketing Campaign: “My Principles Come First”

Elon Rejects $120 Million Bud Light Twitter Promotion Effort: “Start My Standard Thing” Bud Light Attempts to Show Up $120 Million Showcasing Effort on Twitter Leave no doubt that Elon Musk is not a fan. He has probably convinced himself that he only thinks about the dollar too often.

“I turned it down without hesitation,” Musk said, “I have my standards and they start things off.” Musk showed the standards he discussed with Axt Carlson, along with the announcement of another organization.

“Leave says that individuals ought to trust their instinct, and I totally concur that it is substantial. If you drop a stone and crush an insect, you are not guaranteed to crush the insect, But you are guaranteed to crush the stone. Elon’s standard applies along these lines.

I see myself as a decent man said very rich man so I make it a point to legally protect myself from a lot of things yet inevitably we have that awful Bud there will be no light.

He’s right about Bud Light being the dreaded, loyalist. It was never enough for Oktoberfest. Just ask Larry Sr. Now that the name is tarnished and subject to the derision of the general public and rampant attacks by gullible people with truck banners, they might as well remove that stupid sign and slap on another .

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