Elon Mask opens up about Amber Heard’s baby.

Amber Heard made global news headlines during bitter court battle with ex-husband Johnny Depp want.

She is a mother, this was one of the few occasions when she spoke publicly about her daughter Una Page. The actress’ statement sparked renewed interest about her family.

When he had a kid who is a dad, he heard shocked fans when he posted a picture of himself with his newborn in an Instagram post.

She decided four years ago that she wanted a baby, but a baby on her own terms, saying she expected a crib not to want a ring.

Suna also said that she wants to keep her personal life out of the public space, but understands that being in the public eye will not mean that.

So she decided to tell people about her daughter Una Page, Una was born on 8th April 2021 and the actress said that her daughter is the beginning of my whole life.

There has been much speculation about who might be Sune’s baby, British media reported that Suna was told she was not able to conceive.

She opted to have a child through a surrogate. Elon Musk James Franco had a romantic relationship with model Cara Delevingne and cinematographer Bianca .

The father’s identity was a tightly kept secret. Hello magazine reported that he had heard that he had fathered his child on his own terms, leading to speculation that he may have used.

The Suna donor is Una’s sole legal parent but there is speculation that Musk is secretly the father of the child and has voluntarily acted as the donor but this has never been confirmed.

Other speculation is that Musk did not want Amber to use the embryos created together and that she took him to court to contest the decision.

Meanwhile it has now emerged that last November Elon quietly welcomed the twins, one of which was Siobhan Zilla, a senior executive.

His companies Neuralink also had Musk’s second child via surrogate a few weeks ago, with his on-and-off girlfriend Claire Boucher, also known as pop star Grimes.

Elon Musk has spoken openly about his views on the problematic population reduction around the world. If people don’t have more then they declare that there are not enough people.

Children’s civilization is going to crumble Mark my words he said at a business conference His interviewer asked him if he explained why he himself has so many kids.

Kids are super cool and people really need to have more kids as it sounds obvious but if people don’t have enough kids.

So humanity will disappear and in a recent tweet, Elon said that I am doing my best to help the low population crisis collapse.

The birth rate is by far the greatest threat civilization is facing which may refer to its connection to the Neural Link employee Siobhan or perhaps it was more generalised

Some fans believe it may also refer to Amber Heard’s child that Musk secretly welcomed twins with Siobhan.

There may be more children out there and we don’t even know about it yet we know of the five children he shares with his first wife.

Justin Wilson has two children with twins Vivian Jenna Wilson and Griffin Musk and triple Kai Saxon and Damien Singer Grimes, and twins with Siobhan, who are responsible for nine children.

Potentially 10 if Amber Heard’s child is actually his biological daughter, then Elon has said everything about the importance of it. Having more kids wouldn’t surprise us if most fans on Twitter have yet to find out.

So Musk is the father of Amber’s baby with this user saying this is what I was thinking Elon Musk likes to stretch.

His jeans are everywhere and have other kids through surrogacy, so no wonder he’ll be Amber Heard’s baby daddy too. Another user agrees.

With just how much Elon Musk has been producing lately, anyone else begins to wonder whether he’ll actually explain Amber Heard’s baby born via a surrogate.

How is she covering her legal fees and boarding private jets after the test but some people are denying Elon Musk’s point Can you imagine what such a user said.

A female executive has 10 kids with three different men and Elon Musk’s behavior is responsible.

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