Elon Musk and AOC go viral in mock video showing their ‘crazy chemistry’

A mock video posted to Twitter on Wednesday shows the incessant battle between Elon Musk and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez putting aside their differences while sharing insane chemistry. The 53-second clip puts together the interview that The tech mogul and the progressive firebrand gave on separate occasions to give the impression that they were talking to each other.

The footage of Ocasio-Cortez was taken from a 60 Minutes interview she conducted with CBS’ Anderson Cooper in 2019, after the New York Democrat was sworn in following her shock election victory. The Musk film was altered from a December 2018 meeting the Tesla manager allowed to an hour journalist Leslie Stahl.

With emotional guitar music playing behind the scenes, the video shows up as they are taken part in a cozy discussion, investigating each other’s eyes. The video was posted on Twitter after a client connected it to the handle Mays, who depicts himself as a “computerized craftsman”. Video manager. Specialist. The record, sent off in May 2021, has in excess of 91,000 devotees, including Amazon organizer Jeff Bezos.

Elon Musk and AOC have finally patched up their differences. The two are crazy about their chemistry read the tweet, which has gone viral with over 132,000 likes in just nine hours. At the start of the clip, Ocasio-Cortez is seen beaming with a half-smile. The scene then, at that point, slices to a fix of Kasturi while the camera focuses in all over, elevating the sensational impact.

Ocasio-Cortez then rejoined the conversation, saying: “I apologize for someone’s perfect gun” reply. Ocasio-Cortez is seen saying: “I’m defying every one of the norms. I’m disrupting every one of the norms. I suspect as much,” Musk is then seen saying.

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