Elon Musk Backs We The People Bible For Patriots

Elon Musk Multi-billionaire conservative Christian who has adopted America as his home and more importantly American ideals Elon Musk has entered into a new venture Realizing the importance of reaching out to patriots far and wide Elon Musk V The Supporting the People’s Bible which is available now.

Musk who is a prominent free speech advocate and bought Twitter to make Twitter independent again is the only financial backer in the Bible for patriotic Americans seeing how Musk understands he alone was not responsible for their success. That you also look to the Bible to see what it really means. The Bible was written specifically for America.

This is really my proudest moment, Musk said during an interview I’m accomplishing something no other person has at any point finished. Bringing the words of God to the people of our Creator America who trust in Him most who understand that America’s greatness can only be found in Jesus Christ, the King of Kings. What can be found in the king can be found in the king.

Musk is including these Bibles with t-shirts, coins, Totsky and other meaningless, useless items to sell to largely stupid people who already have Bibles because he knows these disrespectful Americans. Will buy anything with a flag and some mention of Jesus. Hopefully this will recoup some of the cost of buying Twitter, as he is the only person in history to have lost $200 billion.

This American version of the Bible will include the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, the King James Version of the Bible, and a blue checkmark for your Twitter handle. Conservative Americans will be thrilled to have everything they’ve never read or will never read, but pretends to be an expert on, in one convenient place they can use.

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