Elon Musk Buys ABC, Cancels The View

Elon Musk has done it again Twitter’s new owner has doubled down on his recent media acquisition by formally announcing a $37.5 billion bid to buy ABC from its parent company, Walt Disney. Although the exact details of the deal are unclear, Disney has apparently agreed to it. shopping.

Disney has been struggling financially lately, mainly due to consumer boycotts of its storied theme parks in response to popular culture and its embrace of LGBTQ lifestyles. Parents across the United States have refused to expose their children to this filth and Disney has suffered greatly as a result.

Disney needed a cash investment and had no choice but to sell its stake in ABC to avoid bankruptcy. Elon Musk outlined his top priorities for his new company in a press release: This is the next step in my effort to return the American media to some level of sanity. For too long, the far left and elitist Hollywood have dominated the mainstream media.

This has to stop and I will make sure it happens. To further that goal, one of the first things I would do as CEO of ABC is to cancel The View and fire the entire cast, especially Whoopi Goldberg. He will be fired twice. The show is a disgrace and needs to go.

Mr Musk later said he would replace the show with a variety show tailored to a mainstream audience, featuring comments from conservative figures and musicians such as Kyle Rittenhouse, Kid Rock and Ted Nugent, as well as commentary on the media and Hollywood by conservative actors. Will. will. James Woods Clint Eastwood and Tim Allen.

It is unclear what is going to happen with all the lawsuits brought against The View, although Kyle Rittenhouse has indicated that he may personally escort them off the premises if he becomes host of the new show. He would drop the lawsuit against Whoopi Goldberg.

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