Elon Musk Calls Instagram An ‘Envy Amplifier’; Follower Asks Him To Buy Facebook Shut IG Down

Elon Musk calls Instagram a ‘jealousy booster’; Follower asked him to buy Facebook stop IG One of Musk’s followers asked him if he could buy Facebook and shut down Instagram first Musk said Instagram is a next level thirst trap Sunday Elon Musk One of the followers tweeted a clip of Berkshire Hathaway Vice Chairman Charlie Munger talking about jealousy.

Taking a jibe at Musk’s statement, @DogeDesigner asked whether his Instagram page has hit 100 followers or not.


Another follower replied saying that Dogecoin is a “fun amplifier”.

During an August interview, Musk mentioned that he only has 54 followers on Instagram and acknowledged that the secret Instagram account was for personal purposes.

Instagram is a next level thirst trap I found myself taking tons of selfies and I was like why am I doing this? Then it was just a matter of getting more likes and selfies, Musk said.

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