Elon Musk Causes Kathy Griffin To Suffer Humiliating Meltdown After Being Mocked By The New Twitter Owner

Alleged comedian Kathy Griffin has been in the news for the past week over her ridiculous Trump Head fiasco The publicity has nothing to do with her inexplicable career.

This is totally and completely tied to her rant on Twitter Twitter CEO Elon Musk permanently suspended Hollywood comedian Kathy Griffin from Twitter last night.

She had reached her limit with her chatter. Musk refused to pay for her blue checkmark before later softening his stance.

If she really wants her account back, she can get it for $8 Twitter has suspended comedian Kathy Griffin for impersonating the company’s new owner, Elon Musk.

Griffin appears to be the first celebrity to lose her tweeting privileges after a wave of prominent users.

Musk over the weekend with the goal of highlighting potential flaws in the social media company’s plans for a revised verification system.

Musk has made the $8 Twitter subscription plan his signature bid to increase the company’s revenue.

The new plan was hastily rolled out over the weekend before the company decided to delay the service until after the midterms.

The updated Twitter Blue subscription plan gives paying users the ability to receive a blue check mark on their profile.

An option that was previously exclusively available to verified celebrities, politicians, journalists, and other public figures.

Musk proposed the new element as a method for battling spam on the stage.

The partially launched plan faced widespread backlash, and in a show of defiance, some celebrities on stage posed as Musk over the weekend, complete with blue check marks on their profiles.

Elon Musk raised some skepticism over his announcement that comedy is now ‘legal’ on Twitter after suspending several accounts, including accounts belonging to actual comedians Sarah Silverman and Kathy Griffin, for parodies over the weekend.

It costs $8 per month to take advantage of these last fleeting days before the blue checkmark.

Griffin and Silverman changed their profile picture and display name to match Musk’s and had a little fun.

Silverman apparently tested the courage of Musk’s convictions, tweeting I am an abomination of free speech and I eat Doody for breakfast every day.

Griffin used the bit for some pre-midterm rallying, writing “After much spirited discussion with the women in my life, I have decided that voting blue is the right choice for them.”

Elon Musk and Twitter’s acquisition have made leftists lose their minds.

In fact, we reported earlier today that as celebrities announce their departure from Twitter, it’s becoming increasingly clear that they don’t like the new rules.

According to his “I’m leaving Twitter” post, allowing voices I don’t like on the platform has made it an “unsafe place” and “a vehicle for hate.”

On Monday’s episode of ABC’s The View, one of the hosts, Whoopi Goldberg, expressed her impression, considering Twitter a “wreck” since very rich person Elon Musk turned into the proprietor of the web-based entertainment stage.

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