Elon Musk completely destroys Jeff Bezos

Elon Musk completely destroys Jeff Bezos, competes with the likes of Jeff Bezos, who got the contract with the Department of Defense to do the lunar lander, which is disputed by Jeff Bezos. Shouldn’t you see that you can’t see your way to the moon? You know how good your lawyers are.

From a technical point of view you’re only going to do sub-orbitals Your rocket may be smaller You’re obviously a very competitive person You compete with the likes of Jeff Bezos in rocketry Compete with regulators when it comes to Solar City As you compete with Detroit in the motor industry that is going to be important for the future, sustainable energy sustainable transportation eventually becomes a multi-family species.

Traveling among the stars I think those are great things I love and inspired about the future I feel very fortunate we’ve made progress on many fronts is going to be a breakthrough point and The most important is to be able to land in an orbital rocket via the platform and be able to both be flown back to Cape Canaveral and be able to land on a drone ship out at sea.

The educational process is essential to understanding orbital dynamics because many people are confused as to why a rocket landing on a ship at sea feels very uncomfortable and why lift-off and stay is really all about horizontal velocity. earth so there is a big difference between space and or space and orbit but like space you can think of it as international water boundary for pacific ocean like if you go you are 100 miles from coastal water in pacific ocean .

It’s technically you’re in the pacific but it’s but the orbit is circumnavigating the globe it’s actually a big difference and the reason is when you go around the earth things go up and out or zoom in fast enough that your outer radial acceleration is less than the inner acceleration of gravity and so they are balanced and you have net zero gravity, so when you look at the space station it looks like space The station is actually zooming around Earth at 17,000 mph.

It seems like fast forward and perspective is a shot from a 45 gun and handgun speed is 25 times faster than a space station why would you want to land on an ocean justification because all that matters for your orbit is horizontal The velocity your altitude doesn’t really matter is in fact the force of gravity I’d say the extraordinary extent of space at 100km is roughly the same as at the surface. The Earth, is that it is a few percent lower than the Earth’s surface so the only thing that matters is to go up and stay up.

How fast are you going horizontally on the surface of the earth so you have an outward radial acceleration or think about maybe a tetherball or something like that it’s actually the outward acceleration is something that matters and so when the rocket orbits So the only reason it’s going to get out of the thick of the atmosphere is so that you have enough fuel and oxygen in reverse to accelerate it back to the launch site.

It’s not the physics of it actually it doesn’t allow you to do much it’s not about saving money on fuel or anything it’s just physical because it’s impossible for you know Jeff last night Jeff Bezos explained to Jeff Bezos was here and I asked him what are you doing and what is Elon Musk doing and he said well I think we have I think he used the word like-minded about Did.

Common sense and then he pointed out some differences, do you and then he but he talked about it more correctly if I’m misunderstanding him but I think he was saying it’s a foundation It’s all about keeping who is able to do more. It’s okay to have the infrastructure to be able to reuse these rockets are you right do you have the same starting point from them and your thought process it’s definitely a matter of opinion there are some similarities.

Jeff and I both believe that it’s important for the future to have a space-faring civilization and not ultimately be among the stars and I think that’s an excitingly inspiring future, I think certainly the people in this room want that and anyway especially after seeing that the asteroids are going to destroy the planet I mean I don’t see it as you know we want I mean I think when I Say you know the multi-planetary species that we really want to be.

Not that you know how to solve the problem of a single planet but a moving planet it’s actually a multi-planetary species we have and civilization and life as we know it extends beyond Earth to the rest of the solar system and eventually spread to other star systems, I think that’s what makes the future so exciting and inspiring and I think you know, I think you know how many things you have to wake up in the morning to be happy life is not about solving problems it should be things that are inspiring and exciting that make you happy and live.

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