Elon Musk Completely Destroys Mark Zuckerberg: “Enough Is Enough”

Elon Musk recently warned Mark Zuckerberg that enough is enough. For quite some time now Musk and Zuckerberg have been engaged in a battle against each other and it looks like the battle has taken a new turn. Elon Musk once again dominates Mark Zuckerberg as Musk takes over Zuckerberg’s most popular platform Well it all started in 2016 when they clashed with each other SpaceX preparing to launch a massive rocket Was doing.

Planned to carry the $200 million satellite was the first joint venture between the two billionaires and was sponsored by the firm Zuckerberg founded, a rocket would be responsible for sending the communications satellite into orbit although it did not fly at all. The satellite caught fire just before launch and both rockets were damaged. It was a huge loss for SpaceX. Musk’s frustration over losing a rocket in a 2015 accident made things worse.

Zuckerberg, on the other hand, was furious and took to Facebook to show his frustration. Zuckerberg never expected Elon Musk to destroy it in the classic way. At a time when Elon Musk was not the owner of Twitter, he gave an interview in which He predicted that Mark Zuckerberg would control Meta for a long time Will Keep, Run Elon Musk was recently interviewed at the TED conference in Vancouver British Columbia about his latest bid to acquire Twitter Chris Anderson.

Asked by the interviewer whether Musk’s position as the world’s richest man and one of the platform’s best-known influencers could pose a conflict of interest, Musk took the opportunity to criticize Zuckerberg during his talk. Commented as immediate ownership I mean you have Mark Zuckerberg the owner of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp and with a share ownership structure Mark Zuckerberg 14th is still managing organizations that laugh from the crowd and become happy.

You don’t know what the comment was. Musk’s Twitter could be an allegory for future generations of Zuckerberg or it could be a reference to King Louis XIV himself. There’s no denying that among Mark Zuckerberg’s other shareholders in France Most will rule as long as possible After seven decades, he has absolute authority when it comes to deciding on Facebook’s future management. With 55 percent of the vote, Facebook’s They have a commanding lead because of the dual-class stock structure, in which Mark Zuckerberg leads the company’s leadership team and directors.

Ability to elect a board that allows one share per person while other share owners have super voting privileges, exercising only one vote for each share they own. Each of them has 10. Tesla doesn’t have dual-class shares, but Musk still has a lot of power as he owns 17 percent of the power. Automaker Musk is the company’s major shareholder. It doesn’t matter that Tesla doesn’t have the same control over Meta as it did under Zuckerberg.

Tesla’s shareholders have the power to make significant major changes under super majority voting. Procedures that increase Musk’s importance at the firm require a three-thirds vote. The billionaire said that if he were to successfully buy Twitter, he would restructure the firm in a way that removes any sense of conflict of interest. Limiting, for example, the code can be made open to the public through the platform, I’m not going to go into any of the tweets being edited, Musk said you’ll be able to tell.

Whether or not it did anything to publicize the demo or help damage the wall, the Street Journal reports, according to Musk, the tweet had nothing to do with the business model of his bid to buy Twitter, but rather the platform. The right of free expression was to be protected.

Musk believes the Code19 campaign is working with Facebook to capitalize on attacks from all sides of the political spectrum through Meta’s moderation process, if it is allowed in the countries where the platform operates. Leaning on the side of doing is in the best interest of the company I’m not suggesting that I have all the solutions but I do believe that we should exercise extreme caution.

Musk and Zuckerberg have been locking horns for some time. Zuckerberg released a statement in 2016 expressing his frustration at SpaceX when one of their rockets damaged a Facebook satellite. The most recent was on January 6, 2021, when Musk took down Facebook after signing a 44 billion contract after the capital city was attacked.

The US acquirer was reminded that it had to protect Twitter users from malicious information like the social media giant after human rights organizations worried that bullying and false information were being disseminated online because of the billionaire’s bid to loosen content rules. Ambitions could rise for a deal Boris Johnson had struck Media sites should be held to the same level of accountability as European com.

The mission also sent a warning to Musk that he must ensure the safety of his customers. The new internet laws will have a big impact on the digital market, especially how internet giants like Facebook operate on them, which means that these recommendations and ads will be affected. Needs a high degree of openness to be successful, for example Zuckerberg, If Musk were to take over Twitter, it would be a huge headache for those who previously led the company under Tim Dorsey as CEO Was.

Twitter CEO Ivan Musk responded by denying a claim that employees are now more free to use their creativity and hardworking Tesla CEO Elon Musk has often criticized Facebook for saying that neither he nor Nor does his company have an account. It raised the possibility that Musk might set up a Twitter account for each of his businesses after WhatsApp co-founder Brian Action tweeted it was time to deactivate the hashtag.

Facebook There was a huge backlash around the whole Facebook scandal. Musk’s strange reaction was also Facebook. When Musk was asked by a fan if he would deactivate the SpaceX Facebook page in response to a tweet sent by him, Musk replied “I don’t know if any Tesla Facebook profiles have been deleted.” There was also a deleted Facebook site for both SpaceX and Tesla after another fan pointed it out, with Musk commenting that they somehow looked lame.

Yet Musk soon clarified that this was not a political comment, but rather an expression of his discomfort with Facebook, but what we can see at this point is Elon in the immediate aftermath of the attack on the United States capital. , how it was divided is called dominoes and music. First person to tweet a picture with a quote, quote, dominoes. The first person labeled a website to rate women in college, in reference to Facebook’s origins at Harvard University on the night of the incident.

The rioters were the last domino to fall. He slammed Facebook whenever he could and it was only the beginning of the past. Elon Musk has expressed his displeasure with Facebook’s data sharing policies after revelations by Facebook-owned WhatsApp that it will start forcing users to share their personal data with Facebook. When Jack Dorsey was CEO of Twitter, how did a recent tweet reveal the truth about him switching to the encrypted texting software Signal? What are your thoughts on Musk’s acquisition of Twitter?



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