Elon Musk completely exposes Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook on Twitter

Elon Musk Fully Exposes Mark Zuckerberg And Facebook On Twitter Elon Musk Takes On Mark Zuckerberg And Facebook In a shocking turn of events, billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has fully exposed Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook for their nefarious activities. Has taken the support of Twitter to expose. In a series of tweets, Musk pulled back the veil on the social media giant, revealing that Facebook is not only collecting and selling user data to third parties, but also using it to control the public’s mind. doing.

Musk tweeted, “Mark Zuckerberg is a snake oil salesman, selling the illusion of connection while actually manipulating and controlling people’s thoughts and behavior.” He also revealed that Facebook is using advanced AI algorithms to track users’ every move and predict their actions, in order to better target them with advertising and promotions.

Musk warned, “The real goal of Facebook is to create a world where people are nothing more than puppets controlled by algorithms.” But perhaps the most shocking revelation came when Musk revealed Facebook’s secret plan to launch a fleet of drones that would constantly monitor users, collect even more data and exert even more control over their lives.

Musk deduced in his last tweet, “Imprint Zuckerberg is a genuine lowlife, and I ask everybody to erase their Facebook records and join a more moral and straightforward informal community.” Facebook has yet to respond to these allegations, but it is clear that the social media giant’s days are numbered as more and more people are waking up to the truth about its sinister activities.

Mark Zuckerberg said it’s “truly hazy” how the adventure among Twitter and Elon Musk will work out. Musk has offered to buy Twitter again, with plans to buy it in 2022. Between Elon Musk’s ongoing court battle with Twitter and his sudden U-turn on its $44 billion buyout last week, even Mark Zuckerberg is confused.

I think it’s one of these things that it’s really unclear how it will actually turn out,” the Facebook founder said in an interview with The Verge, when asked how he viewed the deal. Also it would be better to work with Musk on Twitter.

“I think it’s interesting to have a saga, as you’re saying, but I think even at this point, it’s really unclear what’s going to happen,” Zuckerberg told Insider.

Zuckerberg probably isn’t the only one who is confused. Musk’s Twitter saga is enough to alarm anyone. The Tesla CEO has repeatedly changed his mind about his intentions towards Twitter over the past year.

At the start of the year, Musk quickly acquired Twitter stock – rapidly becoming the social media company’s largest shareholder. When news of Musk’s shares surfaced in April, the billionaire accepted an invitation to join Twitter’s board of directors and later declined in favor of buying the company outright. Less than a month after offering to buy the company, Musk tweeted that the deal was “on hold” and attempted to walk away from the company entirely in July, under 90 days after his underlying proposition.

But, Twitter sued Musk without a deal. Over the past few months, the two sides have been embroiled in an intense court battle, but Musk waved the white flag last week when he agreed to buy the social media site at its original price. Now, the court case has been put on hold as Twitter’s lawyers and Musk continue to work out the details of the acquisition. The two sides have until October 28 to reach a settlement or return to the court battle.

Musk’s Twitter buy could place him in direct rivalry with Zuckerberg, who has proposed to purchase Twitter previously. While Zuckerberg and Musk work in various business areas of innovation, Musk has been quick to take a dig at the Facebook founder. In April, Musk compared Zuckerberg’s ironclad control of Meta to a monarchy, dubbing him “Mark Zuckerberg the 14th” an allusion to Louis XIV, the longest-reigning monarch in history.

Musk has also said he would be careful to avoid a permanent ban or censure if he owns Twitter, and has criticized Facebook for banning public figures such as Trump from the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

There is an old dispute between the two billionaires. In 2016, Zuckerberg issued a public statement saying he was “deeply disappointed” in SpaceX after a rocket from the company destroyed a Facebook satellite. Meanwhile, Musk has said that Facebook gives him “the willies” and has repeatedly asked people to delete the Facebook app.

Elon Musk, a well-placed finance manager and organizer behind Tesla, is at the center of attention at the moment. His aggressive acquisition of Twitter has been the subject of attention from almost every significant American media outlet. . Musk raised the subject to another level earlier today with an easygoing remark from his new appearance on The Thunder, a traditional news and discussion show facilitated by moderate Sandy Batt.

To put it another way: “Would you say you will swindle us and purchase something completely different off the ground?” Till then the bat requested his guest to be fully empowered. I can think of a few more companies that are doing well. Supremacy My Pillow is a partner of Facebook, of course Zuckerberg, now it’s your turn I’ll tell you all.

Subsequent to assuming control over Twitter, Musk’s most memorable move was to lay off an enormous number of workers, a move generally viewed as lamentable by area specialists as it passed on nobody to work the organization. Moreover, he set the cost of the blue mark at $19.99, yet after analysis from celebrated author Steven Lord, he diminished it to $8.00.

$8.00 and Twitter’s future are both as of now remnant of the past. We can all afford the $12.95 a month to spy on our loved ones and annoy Kid Rock’s rabid followers. Zuckerberg and Musk’s interests are not as significant as Zuckerberg’s interests are primarily in digital technology and Musk’s more with physical technology, but at the same time the Twitter war continues to buy Zuckerberg’s turf and it all started in 2016. Happened. They impacted enormously as SpaceX was preparing to send off a goliath rocket.

In the first collaboration between the billionaires, the Zuckerberg-backed company’s telecommunications satellite will be launched into space by a rocket, although it was not freed from fire on the rocket that would have prevented it from taking off.
Both the rocket and the satellite were obliterated, a significant blow for SpaceX, which lost a rocket in a 2015 accident and everything went down the channel as Musk left baffled however Zuckerberg irate.

Zuckerberg never thought Elon Musk said in an interview when he didn’t even have Twitter that Mark Zuckerberg would be controlling Meta for the foreseeable future. Also, during a meeting at the new TED gathering in Vancouver, English Columbia, Elon Musk was gotten some information about his new proposal to purchase Twitter Chris Anderson.

Could his role as one of the planet’s top influencers and the richest person on the platforms create a conflict of interest? During his discourse, Musk utilized the valuable chance to attack Zuckerberg, saying that he implied media-types. Do you possess Facebook and Instagram? Instagram is claimed by Imprint Zuckerberg and WhatsApp has an offer proprietorship structure with the fourteenth Imprint Zuckerberg actually controlling those substances.

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