Elon Musk: “DELETE Your Social Media NOW!” – Here’s Why!

Tesla billionaire Elon Musk just gave final warning that everyone needs to delete their social media platforms immediately Delete your social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram will make you happy the way Elon Musk deleted your Facebook and deleted instagram account done.

Tech geniuses want us to delete our social media accounts too why did elon musk delete his social media you probably deactivated your social media platforms in the past if you thought so Was then you are not.

There are so many people who have given up social media that will surprise you most of these people are tech icons and one of them is founder and CEO of Tesla Tech Billionaire Elon Musk is warning us against social media because he understand the dangers of social media on media platforms they are not good for your health, career or social life.

Social media is not one of the main reason quit social media it is very addictive any kind of addiction is bad because it Triggers the body to produce dopamine which makes us feel pleasure from the act.

We are addicted in this case it is difficult to enjoy from other things except simple words addicted to social media they will always want to use social media so they think social media addiction is possible only other major social media It is getting worse as media platforms have noticed that they have hired dedicated engineers whose sole job is to develop algorithms that will keep you hooked to a particular site for as long as possible.

Most of the people think that social media is free but it has to be paid for, it is said that if you don’t pay for the product then you are the product most of the people don’t realize that they are the product social media social Media but the customers of the principal owners are not the general account owners but the advertisers.

Vertizzer believes that social media owners want us to be online addicts so that we run a lot of ads on social media sites. You should also consider that your social media platforms need to be deactivated as they take away your productive time on an average. Average people will spend at least three hours a day on social media.

Even surprisingly teenagers who are addicted to social media will be on such platforms for nine or more hours a day. It makes us wonder where they come from. Come they can find time for their studies and other activities that matter in their life apart from being a student.

Very unproductive at work which uses up time which could have been wasted on social media. If you keep your phone with you while working you can be sure that you are going to get distracted. It is common that most people in the office are always on their phones but excessive unproductive overuse of social media can also make them generally lazy.

Elon Musk is one man who understands the value of being productive in his work, although he tweets you can be sure he spends very little time on the microblogging site as he has a crazy work schedule. You won’t believe this multi-talented CEO works over 120 hours a week which is more than a day. Translates to over 16 hours, he has to work that long because he runs several companies like Tesla, SpaceX and Neuralink.

You really want to be as productive and successful as Elon Musk. You only have one choice. Social Quitting media aims to strengthen their social connections but unfortunately they get the exact opposite of loneliness. Studies have shown that people who are addicted to social media are very lonely. Human interaction is very important.

We have been created as social creatures since time immemorial. It has been proven that we can strengthen and widen our social contacts only with real friends who can physically interact with us. It will really pay off if you go hiking with a friend instead of spending two hours chatting with someone on Facebook.

Maybe old school life isn’t so bad. In this case older is better. Loneliness. The most avid social media users with depression experience very high levels of stress. Which come as a result of comparison Facebook and id users are most affected it is unfortunate that success in life has been limited to social media whatever steps most people have taken in this direction life has to show it Will use every opportunity, now it is common for everyone to post their new car, graduation ceremony, new baby and new job, these good news are on social media sites. It is important to post things.

Few examples but overdoing it will lead to a sense of unhealthy competition Elon Musk is against social media as people will post only the positive side of their life ignoring the negative side of their life in their own words she says social media One of the reasons for the issues is that people pretend that their life is better than it really is by posting pictures when they are actually happy.

They are modifying those pictures to make them look better, even though they are not. They were not modifying the pictures they were selecting the pictures for the best.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of comparison when using social media as you might be asking yourself why you don’t look as good as your friends but Elon Musk has made it clear that most people who live on social media platforms make a big living They may actually be living a very miserable life, so you should not be worried about your friend who is always on vacation and travels to and from the destination. From his post today he may be in Dubai.

And tomorrow he could be in the Bahamas there is every possibility those pictures are just photoshopped so don’t worry if there is a place that is full of sadists it is a bunch of social media sadists from people who only social media Trolling media sites that focus on making others unhappy, that’s what they do.

They might start off by posting some derogatory things about you. He makes his allegations very well. Formulated in such a way that most people would consider them to be absolutes.

SpaceX founder requested some sexual favors from a female SpaceX flight attendant, it was alleged that the tech icon promised to buy the female employee a horse in return for a massage but Elon made a political statement through that tweet Dia Hunt dismissed the allegation that “the attacks against me need to be viewed through a political lens. It’s their standard hateful playbook. But let nothing stop me from a good future for you and your right to be free.”

It is a pity that some online trolls have gone to the extent of posting nude pictures of anyone on social media. It’s a shame most young people can’t afford it. It is unfortunate that many teenage girls have committed suicide due to online harassment. It has also been established that there is a very strong link between online harassment and suicide. Cyberbullying leads to problems that are related to mental health.

There are those who can affect anyone, can force people to commit suicide. Online scams and frauds continue to increase on social media sites, while the risk of getting scammed is high in this age of cryptocurrencies. Luckily most of the people lost their savings through online scams in 2020. Its bitcoin, be careful and follow any lucrative offers advertised on social media.

Don’t trust unattainable investment deals but if you want to be safe then quit social media as they say better safe than sorry Elon just warned us that if you are on social media you are probably thinking it is What is the best way to stop worrying now because I have a solution for you Elon Musk has warned that we need to quit social media altogether.

It is almost impossible because some of us use social media platforms for business and other educational purposes like I am going to present you what is known as social media detox plan it is just a detox schedule Which we can follow as a part of social media. Media detox protocols, expect you to abstain from social media for a period of 21 days or longer if you wish to remove certain chemicals from your body in other harmful ways.

No Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter or any other social media site during this period. If using social media during this time is not for you then do it once you will see the benefits of giving up or limiting social media during this time it is not more than 20 minutes most people who give up social media experience a happier life Let’s do As mentioned in the first video, most social deprivation people experience media loneliness and depression.

These people can now involve themselves in those activities. Activities that are helpful to the body such as reading physical exercise books on self development or visiting some beautiful places in the real world promote happiness as people use their time productively.

While it is possible to delete social media and still live a normal and successful life, there are some things you can do. You can get all latest updates. One of the issues of social media it has been pointed out by many people maybe especially instagram um people think they have a much better life they actually do right so people by design post pictures when they are actually happy are modifying those photos to make them look better they are basically perfect so if you are on instagram see everyone you can think of.

The danger of AI being unlocked is far greater than the threat of nuclear weapons and no one would suggest that we should allow anyone to build nuclear weapons if they wanted to that would be madness and in my words Mark AI is far greater More dangerous than nuclear why do we have no regulatory oversight so far this is insane chaos that has lost jobs and you know that kind of better weapons and stuff like that.

It’s not a fundamental species level risk while uh digital super intelligence so it’s really going to lay the groundwork to make sure it’s about the right steps that we can take if humanity is to collectively become a digital super Decides to create intelligence. We have to do it very carefully, very carefully, it’s the most important thing we can possibly do.


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