Elon Musk describe why going at the speed of light is a horrible thought.

Elon Musk is the one who knows the value of time. He will soon start sending people to Mars which means at least these explorers will travel 33.9 million miles to the vast space with all the dangers associated with it. It will take at least five months that some part of the problem will be solved if the starship can travel at or greater than the speed of light.

CEO Thinks It’s a Terrible Idea We show you how Elon Musk thinks traveling faster than the speed of light is a bad idea turning many people away from the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtransporting 1 million people across the continent to the continent and it’s not for invalid reasons that the logistics needed to pull it could make a maniac Musk is taking this transportation on a large scale.

His goal is to get a million lion people from Earth to Mars permanently and he wants to do so in a short amount of time for important reasons. The biggest reason is that the deep space is full of powerful harmful radiation which can kill or ruin your health if you are exposed to it it can even become sterile for a very long time.

Similarly, spending so long in a low-gravity environment can cause major health problems, including loss of muscle mass and bone damage, making it vulnerable to radiation. And takes the double whammy of low gravity. Why spend so long in space when anything can go wrong at any time but you’ll eventually be on your own so the best thing for oyster explorers is to be as fast as possible.

Do you go to mars that’s where the problem is while the starship is really fast all oysters can target the window when the distance between earth and mars separates them but who can actually travel Is faster or faster than the speed of light can reduce travel time and reduce travel time.

What a great order of magnitude can go wrong but what exactly is the speed of light and how fast people will be surprised that light travels and not only that but it is a specific speed some people don’t when they are in a dark When you turn on the bulbs in the room, don’t stop thinking about how fast the light travels.

He simply accepts that the room is no longer dark and goes about his business. He will not be the first to think that light is instantaneous or that it simply happens. The famous 5th century Greek philosopher did not believe that even light travels. Wrote the entire treatise as a counterpoint to another philosopher who believed that light could travel.

Thanks to science we can now separate Aristotle because we know that the value of the speed at which light travels is 299 million 792 458 meters per second i.e. about 186 two miles per second. Kanda or two hundred ninety nine thousand seven hundred nine two point four five eight kilometers per second to a casual observer on earth the effect of light traveling can be lost on us because the light is immediately visible.

In space where the distances are very large this starts to take importance and this is where at least we will talk about the concept of a light year. In fact, it is the unit that scientists use to measure vast distances in the universe. A light year is the distance that light can travel about 6 trillion miles (10 trillion kilometers) in a year.

This means that light travels from the Moon to our eyes in about one second, which means it takes about one second to reach the Moon. Light is seconds away. Sunlight takes about eight minutes to reach our eyes. The Sun is about eight light-minutes away, although it takes about years for light from Alpha Centauri to reach Earth, our nearest constellation.

Alpha Centauri is 4.3 light-years away. Take the circumference of the Earth for 900 miles, lay it out in a straight line, multiply the length of the line by 7.5. The respective distance is one light-second, then draw 31.6 million identical lines from end to end. The distance will give you about six trillion miles away. There are objects far beyond Alpha Centauri like stars beyond our solar system. They lie anywhere from a few light years to a few billion light years which means that astronomers can see that in Whatever the distant universe is.

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