Elon Musk destroys ill-prepared BBC reporter in car-crash interview

Running Twitter has been “quite painful” and “a rollercoaster” Elon Musk says in a hastily arranged live interview with the BBC. The multi-tycoon business visionary additionally said he would sell the organization in the event that the ideal individual went along.

But he admitted that he only went through with the acquisition because a judge was about to force him to make the purchase. He confirmed that Twitter is changing the wording from “government funded media” to “publicly funded” for the BBC’s account. will change your newly added label to .

During the discussion – in which Mr Musk attempted to make the questioner as not at all like as could be expected – he shielded his running of the organization. Asked if he had any regrets about buying Twitter, the world’s second-richest man said: “Painful.” The level is very high, this is not some kind of party.”

Discussing his residency up to this point, Mr Musk said: “It hasn’t been exhausting. It’s been very much a rollercoaster. It’s been a truly unpleasant circumstance throughout recent months,” he said, however he added that he Actually think purchasing the organization was the proper thing to do.

After building up a stake in Twitter in early 2022, Mr Musk made an acquisition offer. But Twitter later sued him when he tried to back out of the deal. Mr Musk told the BBC that things were “going reasonably well”, adding that usage of the site was growing and “Site works”.

“I surmise I ought not be tweeting after 3am,” he said when gotten some information about the choice to add a mark to the BBC’s fundamental Twitter account, portraying it as “government-financed media”.

Recently, the company moved toward the virtual entertainment monster over the assignment on the @BBC record to determine the issue “straightaway”. We English are financed by people in general through permit expenses.”

Mr Musk said Twitter was changing the mark for the BBC to “freely supported”. The change was made a few hours after the fact, however the new name was all the while connecting to a page with data about government and state-subsidiary media that we are attempting to be precise,” he said.

The BBC is the UK’s public telecaster and works through an Illustrious Sanction concurred with the public authority. It is financed by the permit charge paid by UK families – representing £3.8bn ($4.7bn) in 2022, around 71% of the BBC’s £5.3bn absolute pay.

The remainder of the cash comes from its business and different exercises like awards, sovereignties and rental pay. The BBC gets over £90 million every year from the public authority to help the BBC World Assistance, which predominantly serves non-UK crowds.

Talking about Twitter’s monetary circumstance, Mr Musk said the organization is presently “generally” as the majority of its sponsors are back. He likewise said it would be simpler to decrease the labor force from 8,000 at the hour of purchasing the firm to around 1,500. was not.

He recognized that he didn’t excuse everybody independently, saying: “It’s impractical to converse with such countless individuals eye to eye.” Concerns have been raised about soundness. He recognized a few errors on the site, including blackouts, yet said the blackouts have not been for a really long time and the site is presently turned out great.

Elon Musk caught a BBC reporter lying about hate speech on Twitter Daily Mail says Elon Musk ill-prepared BBC reporter destroys anyone for interview If they ask you a question you can answer it We’ve gone from interview to conversation and Elon Musk can’t be a fool, he’s made some money.

we can see now we clip that language specifically the company you’re talking about and use twitter okay do you see an increase in hate speech content seems to be more hateful content your What does mean describe an abhorrent thing you don’t like or hate there is no content that would demand a response something racist.

even a little sexist you might be wondering if even the slightest sexist thing should be banned yes because you can’t have a single instance of hateful content not even a tweet and yet you claimed the hateful stuff was more cool that’s wrong no i make a slide what not she caught him a cropper cause he fell for her as soon as elon says it’s definitely about me, not twitter In.

There is no definition of hate speech what is your definition it all pushes back this is really what should be taught in school how else can you define what words can be used and then someone Might as well stick to the bottom unless you call them liars who were brilliant I’m sure we learned a lot I don’t think we learned anything else in the end.

Couldn’t despite claiming that twitter is a gutter of hate speech he can’t give an example he can’t like uh can elaborate on the example don’t you know you point out that it’s probably What can happen I mean I have been accused of hate speech there are a lot of things that people don’t like so they say it’s extremism right too much or it’s hate speech when actually it’s nothing good Not there.

It says more about the bbc it says on twitter okay it basically says it’s bbc number one bbc boy not ready so bbc number one not number two bbc guys yeah and where is elon to scare Musk isn’t I’m afraid of the BBC before I say it again I must say ‘this is the BBC state media media state on Well said this is the thing that Elon Musk actually agreed to remove.

Twitter added a description to bbc twitter account this is government sponsored government funded by india that is accurate i mean taxing by government order without UHH tv license this is ridiculous i mean in america they give me a license Acquiring TV owners will be baffled by the idea of obtaining I mean a dishwasher license or why don’t you know a hose license.

This is rubbish so they changed it to public I saw and thought don’t fund it now you know I got 150 quid or at least I’m getting a little bit of credit these days but it’s public money There is no public money and here as long as you know that it is not funded by the government, it is correct to say that it is state media, it is similar to the North Korean situation, it is not necessary.

This funded status is separate from their editorial state, it is not funded, the fact that they force us to pay for the editorial that employs those people is a government that ultimately and those are the people who lose their jobs when they work for someone and the people who work for the state they don’t’ doesn’t even work for the state you know It is in the country club that the BBC is everything.

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