Elon Musk Explains “Moon Landing”

Your energy landing on the moon was probably the greatest thing ever so I can’t believe we’re launching from that pad it’s really hard to believe it’s an incredible history.

Have a base on the moon like permanently occupied the moon and send people to Mars, you know a city on Mars, but pulled the city, that’s what we should do.

Look at the Apollo program and you know putting people on the moon is one of the biggest things that we wanted and I think you know people all over the world would agree that in 1969 we could put someone on the moon were able to send.

1969 Then we had spaceships, spacecraft could only take people down into Earth orbit, then a spacecraft was retired and the United States this America couldn’t take anyone.

As for the orbit so that the trend is nothing like down, it is concerning that here we are 49 years after the last mission to the Moon and so almost half a century uh and we haven’t come back.

It’s worrisome like it means we’ve reached a peak as a civilization or how is it we have to go back to the moon and build a base there you know a science base know a lot about can learn something if we have proper science To know the ideological victory.

So if you’re wrong when they think of technology as automatically correcting it just doesn’t automatically improve it. If many people do enough to improve it they work hard then improve actually i think it would fall into its own how to do this.

You know we have a science base in Antarctica and you know a lot of other parts of the world and so I think the next big thing we should get is a serious like human base and then get people to Mars and You know how to get out there.

become a space-bearing civilization that is revenue generated for starlink that is permanently on the moon could enable of the raw base that would be after that you know about the next stage of apollo let’s a few hours Don’t go there for and then go back Let’s be a mover.

Which captures the Moon like a science station and we might as well make some pretty epic telescopes on um. Moon that will enable us to learn more about the nature of the universe and find out what is happening and maybe even detect aliens.

The idea of ​​going to the moon is the easy part but going to the moon is the hard part and there’s a lot like hardcore sharing that’s going to happen at the hardware and software level.

Like I said optimizing the C compiler and you’ll see latency everywhere like this. cut the way we don’t, the system is fine so the engineers work by doing.

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