Elon Musk film in the works from director behind Theranos WikiLeaks documentary

A documentary based on Tesla and SpaceX CEO Alone Musk is currently in work. The film seems to be in good hands, as the documentary is being produced by the acclaimed director Alex Gibni, who has also made documentaries about many high-profile subjects.

Gibani’s film has been titled “Musk” about SpaceX and Tesla’s CEO. This CEO intends to be a “fixed and uncontrolled test”. It has been months to make this project allegedly. The director suggested equally in a statement.

Considering the director’s comments, the upcoming Elon Musk film will probably be quite compelling. Alex Gibni, finally, is the Oscar winning director. He won an Academy Award for his 2007 film “Taxi to the Dark Side”, covering the death of an Afghan driver, who was killed by American soldiers during his extraordinary custody.

The upcoming Elon Musk film will be produced by Ara Productions of Gibni. The film is also being produced with production companies such as closure media, double agents and anonymous materials. Founder of Closure Media Zhang Shin shared some enthusiasm about the upcoming Elon Musk film.

Gibbani “Enron: The SmartStest Gai in the Room,” Going Clear: Scientology and the Gayle of Billif, “and” Steve Jobs: Man in the Machine “another documentary. He has also created a documentary about “The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley”, as well as AIDS, AIDS, AIDS, “We Steel Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks”.

The trailblazer behind the end media said that the end media is eager to join the Media Alex Musk with a twofold trained professional and to challenge the world.

With the title “Musk”, the film aims to be aimed at “a certain and uncontrolled test” of the billionaire CEO of Tesla, Twitter and SpaceX. It is in making months.

Gibni said in an official statement, “I am working on this film, for some time, and very excited about it.” “I am happy with this extraordinary group who are working with me.

Other documentaries of Gibni have faced scientism, the founder of Enron, Theranos Elizabeth Homes, WikiLeaks, Steve Jobs, and more.

Gibbani’s Ara Productions Productions Close is producing the film with media, benami content and double agent. The effect incorporates the military. “Zhang Shin, the trailblazer behind the media.

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