Elon Musk finally exposes corruption for revealing information that put Joe Biden’s behind bars

Joe Biden is going to get a lot more haters and it looks like the fierce battle between Biden and Musk is over none of this will happen so Elon Musk exposes Joe Biden’s corruption Elon against Tesla’s law Musk and Biden’s disputes go hand in hand especially when it comes to clashing with the government. He always finds a way to find himself in a heated debate. This time with his new partisan executive very much on the battlefield with Joe Biden. Elon Musk is not on good terms after being ordered to enter.

Joe Biden and his company are facing consequences Musk is given a new explanation why Joe Biden will always be Tesla Why ignore Joe Biden Being the market leader he also ignored a bipartisan infrastructure bill Bill says Tesla is the sole leader in EVs in the US, but Joe Biden doesn’t seem to care.

The White House did not acknowledge any of Tesla’s performance or achievements in recent days during the conference, and on social media, Biden acknowledged every automobile company except Tesla GM. Talked about the formal opening of the factory in Michigan where Detroit is leading the world in electric autos, acknowledged how GM changed the entire automobile industry with 22 GMC Hummer EV trucks.

Joe Biden Tested He Said It’s The Future Of Electric Those Who Follow Daily Tesla News May Know That Tesla Is Already Manufacturing EVs In The United States, Been About 10 Years Vice President Kamala Harris tweeted that the United States will manufacture the EVs, including batteries and other parts, and the United States will no longer depend on other countries.

Kamala Harris has similar views For more than 10 years, Elon Musk couldn’t contain himself and clapped back in response to criticism of all the ignorant behavior and negative statements in the White House but she didn’t respond to the mundane statement with a witty comeback Instead he joked that Biden administration officials are NPCs whose chat train does not contain the word Tesla.

NPCs are computer controlled video game characters who have a special behavior rather than the players used by Jill Biden. Their power to create massive obstacles for Elon Musk is that he signed off on an infrastructure funding plan that helped America The benefit would be increased tax credits for EVs made in the US.

He used union labor as one of the important pieces of legislation and included it in the bill. The bill favors the Big Three companies Ford GM and Atlantis because they employ the United Auto Workers in their assemblies, so they are not included in the law. Kamala Harris even said that this initiative will increase America’s auto manufacturing.

There are still many people who believe that Kamala Harris has been given the seat because of her favoritism, people also think that her money is nothing but a symbol of corruption Money Biden Border Crisis Musk vs Administration Musk and White House The fight between is not new to the world, they have seen a lot but the twitter clap is not going away from the other two parties, the other one being Elon Musk and Elizabeth 25 Warren’s funny exposing moves for legislative April 2022, important event Another tweet was exchanged later.

Elizabeth Warren used her Twitter account to show her disdain for Elon Musk’s $44 billion offer to buy the social media platform, commenting that it hurts our democracy and advocating for the wealthy taxpayer In Elizabeth Warren’s last salvo that came just hours after Musk revealed his Twitter deal.

Elon Musk is a frequent user of Twitter and has nearly 110 million followers, showing his disagreement with the platform’s censorship concerns. Although he did not respond to Warren’s tweet, he responded the same day that he hoped that those who disagreed with him, They will continue to use the platform, a witty response to Elon Musk’s but then Elizabeth Warren’s silence.

He said that this deal would ultimately harm our democracy. He elaborated that business minds like Elon Musk play by clever rules. Big Tech Accountability Bar’s strict rules on not responding to Elon Musk’s tweets show that Musk has never shied away from making false accusations and always tells us clearly. But this series of tweets and allegations has serious consequences. Excited, he learns that he is powerful enough to have influence over the world.

Musk as a person is a powerful personality, his philanthropy and out-of-the-box ideas have always captivated people. Musk is one of those fascinating entrepreneurs looking to either colonize Mars or restart the automobile industry. Let’s talk about when he is not doing any of these he is busy. His unique plans and goodwill to help other countries has made him the richest person in the world with a net worth of $224 billion.

He is a famous Twitterati personality too and we cannot underestimate his influence on people that is why he has been chosen as the Times Person of the Year 2021 Life on Earth With the power and influence of Musk, he Always standing against corrupt politicians, he also plans to join politics. The party soon spoke about his voting stance, announcing that he would vote for a Republican in the upcoming election, although he Don’t fully support it.

Neither Republicans nor Democrats have consistently voted for Democrats because of their progressive nature and growth mindset, but now the tide has completely reversed, after the recent spat with Biden, he no longer votes for Democrats. Will give He also said that the government’s plan to subsidize electric cars is nothing but Raw Biden’s plan against Tesla, a new step taken by Biden’s government to mitigate the climate situation.

Elon Musk is strongly against this idea for subsidized electric vehicles, not because the idea would be unusable for Tesla, but because it is insufficient, saying the initiative is simply based on misplaced concerns. The idea has its challenges, he said, including the difficulty of raising government debt, even though the policy the world has been waiting for so long is non-financial.

Reduces the use of renewable energy sources and leads to a sustainable environment Elo Musk pointed out that its introduction would have negative consequences, it would increase the cost of solar power Tesla recommended that the government consider public feedback on the idea Based on, it says, the existing system solar panel technology overall. Musk feels the idea is devious and designed entirely for the benefit of the government, adding that the measure is actually under the guise of helping citizens. , This is just a government scheme.

Musk benefits, even going so far as to prove his point to the CEO of The Wall Street Journal, pleading with him not to approve the law at any cost, saying that the act is discriminatory because the government first The Tesla Act has already removed this shortcoming, but this bill will restore it. The bill would make Tesla 7,500 cheaper while Ford and General Motors 12,500. Musk sees the proposal as a waste of money.

He also said that the government has taken this step to increase the sales of automobile manufacturers who are not ready to share their super network. To benefit competitors, it’s against the government is the essence of Laf Musk’s fast-paced battle, while Biden plans to move on to his next strategy, he intends to combat smuggling and smuggling

She also got Kamala Harris to visit Guatemala in Mexico. While Harris is determined to tackle the problem of immigration, she plans to tackle the problem of corruption directly in immigration. This only shows that another war has begun between Musk and Biden and no one knows the end but we do know that the musk war will never leave Musk’s territory

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