Elon Musk finally Proves the Multiverse Theory.

Elon Musk Proves the Multiverse Theory Quantum physics is a multi-world explanation in which our reality can be divided into multiverses. Although there is no proof that the multiverse exists at the moment Elon Musk has the answer as we know about it. How scientists are uncovering evidence of Musk’s madness.

Elon Musk has always been in the limelight because of his amazing work whether it is his company or social media ownership, this man has been successful in every business, not that he is only in making money. Good but he is working somewhere Elon Musk is always thinking to leave planet earth and start a new life on Mars yes of course rich man can do that.

It is not only his future sure home but Musk has made him believe many times the earth is real which is quite surprising because we are not even real or we are some virtual figures living in virtual world, he strongly believes that we All computers are. Living in a simulation that is dangerous enough, I mean do we even belong to this universe.

There is a one in billions chance that we’re living in a base reality, Musk said at a conference, saying this rich man is always going to be a simulation hypothesis. Everything that happens is a computer simulation and is controlled by another greater intelligence, it is true that you are all controlled by someone else.

It sounds like this matrix is ​​giving this hypothesis. To find out whether we are living in the Matrix or not. We’ll wait and see if Elon Musk’s hypothesis turns into a theory. Elon Musk has been successful in keeping people busy working on his hypothesis, just take a look at this guy’s sense of humor to see what he just said and what people said about it.

The hypothesis is over, we have found some arguments which are quite popular and getting a lot of attention but a popular argument was released by Oxford University Nick Bostrom 2003 released his paper in which he titled his paper, would you While living in a simulation, this wise man suggested that it was a possible member of an advanced civilization that he named after humans.

These members are those who have tremendous computer intelligence and are running the simulations of their ancestors, it is appropriate to present the argument to see the current situation or I can say that the current trend is immense growth in virtual reality and efforts were made, In order to fully map the human brain, everyone was directed towards Musk’s hypothesis, had they not stuck to the plan and believed that there was nothing supernatural about consciousness and that the human brain had some complexities. .

Video games are getting smarter day by day. These games can be played with keyboard or joystick and now you can feel like being in the game. We can see the future of video games very bright, involving the simulation of conscious entities, gaming started with a few rectangles and dots and is now photorealistic full of 3D simulations and many people interacting with each other at the same time. are.

You can enjoy the game by playing together. There is no doubt that the gaming experience has become revolutionary over time, as Toril says if one moves a few decades into the future at a much faster rate than the current rate of technology. If real brains with more fake brains and less biological misfortune will soon disappear, these fake mines will have a marked peak and the real will be left behind as it is said that more digital people will live in fake environments in the future.

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