Elon Musk finally went on vacation like a billionaire in Greece.

Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, has been spotted holidaying on a yacht off the coast of the island of Mykonos in Greece, in the company of a mysterious woman and a group of people.

Which prompted the Tesla CEO to leave. How Successful The Vacation Was Elon How To Vacation In Greece And Party Like A Billionaire It’s always vacation time for Elon Musk, the busy and multi-talented CEO.

Those who have just moved to Greece have no doubt that the shirtless musk was having the best moments of his life as he sipped a glass of juice on the beaches of Mykonos.

Lively humorous and above all there is all the money in the world that you could use to throw your party on the equivalent of the British royals, something Elon’s friends enjoy the tech icon company as they partied hard and mid-July this year was.

Elon M USK 51 is not new to the world of partying, he is a man who has experience of dating some of the best party girls in the world, famous musicians and famous actresses to list.

But let’s mention a few that start with Musk’s second wife and British actress Tallulah Riley from Britain having also dated controversial American actress Amber Heard. As Elon in the business of exploring the world, his former Canadian partner and The singer has made some Hollywood appearances with Grimes.

With whom he has two children. Two months before ex and daughter moved to Greece, the Tesla owner was seen dining with his new girlfriend, 27-year-old Australian actress Natasha Bassett, in San Tropez in the south of France.

With such women in life you can be sure that Elon is a good party guy Elon’s partying and celebrating is not just limited to his personal life.

Rather limited to his work life too, Elon Musk Tesla hosted a huge party after the launch of the Cyber ​​Truck. The Cyber ​​Rodeo incident in April this year Cybertruck is the equivalent of a Tesla pickup truck that is unbelievable given that it has a steel body and is bulletproof on March 22.

Elon also threw a party after officially opening Tesla’s new Gigafactory in Berlin Germany. Lasted an entire night, it was just lit, although Elon is an expert at partying, that hasn’t always worked for him when it comes to the holidays.

His previous vacations have also been marked with all kinds of misfortunes in September 2000. Elon’s vacation with his first wife Justin Wilson ended before he even started on a plane from California to Sydney Australia.

The tech genius got some sad news saying that the PayPal board had replaced Peter Thiel as CEO of the fintech company shortly after arriving in Sydney.

Being forced to travel back to California is so tragic that her honeymoon was ruined just four months after a failed honeymoon. Elon and Justin and Org Announced for another honeymoon in South Africa and Brazil for two weeks, this time at work was more than a demotion.

Elon’s life was now at stake while Tesla’s founder and CEO in South Africa contracted malaria, a serious illness he admitted was almost taking his life. Facts confirmed this in a tweet.

Elon Musk died of malaria infection in 2000 after traveling to Brazil and South Africa after a malaria attack Elon was very disappointed with the holidays and said it was my lesson as I went on holiday. can kill you.

Elon had his reservations about the holiday this time around, when he decided to go for a vacation to the island of Mykonos Greece, the Tesla owner pictured vacationing with fashion designer Sarah Stoutinger, who works in Stout Fashions. The founder of the brand was 33.

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