Elon Musk gets a kick out of seeing information from the ‘Twitter Files’ released onto the platform Matt Taibbi says

It’s great to see Elon Musk release information via the Twitter Files, says Matt Tibby Speaking on an episode of Rogan’s podcast It’s fun to release information from the reporter stage.

Taibbi made the comments on an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast that aired Monday. Referring to Musk, Tabby said on a podcast that he gets a kick out of all this stuff coming up on Twitter.

He told Rogan that before Musk took over, the platform used to be a private stomping ground to laugh at reporters, whom he said are now horrified by the Twitter files leak.

Taibbi is one of the reporters who released the Twitter files after Musk took the stage. The files publicize some of Twitter’s internal content moderation decisions, including the suspension of former President Donald Trump’s account.

Taibbi posted lengthy threads containing leaked internal email messages and other information as part of the Twitter Files.

During a podcast appearance, Tabby said that Musk spent $44 billion to become his company’s whistleblower. $44 billion is a lot to spend on that adventure but I’m glad he did it,” Taibi told Rogan.

Taibbi said in the podcast that he was not fully aware of Musk’s intentions to buy Twitter but that the billionaire has an evolved sense of humor. Well said, Musk replied in response to a clip of the podcast shared on Twitter.

Tabby previously wrote for Rolling Stone before setting up his own Substack newsletter in 2020. He was selected to work on The Twitter Files with Bari Weiss and Michael Shellenberger.

Insider’s Kali Hayes reported in December that Tibi was granted access to internal company tools like Slack even though she didn’t have an official position at Twitter. Later that month, Musk accused corporate journalism of failing to do the people a favor on the Twitter files.

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